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Adept Armor Signs with Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM)

Adept Armor, a new ballistic protection design and development company focused on the commercial market, tags Laura Burgess Marketing to help create brand awareness.

Carrollton, Texas (July 2021) – A new armor system engineering firm, Adept Armor, has signed Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) to represent its public relations and media efforts.

Adept Armor is a company focused on providing civilians, private security, and rescue with state-of-the-art ballistic armor protection. Using leading-edge alloys, metals, and polymers to design and produce body armor, helmets, and other protective gear, Adept Armor’s products offer superior ballistic protection in innovative materials and designs to meet modern needs.

“It is always exciting to get a ringside seat on a new company and product launch,” Laura Burgess, president of Laura Burgess Marketing, said. “Adept Armor is truly a new paradigm in body armor companies, with a focus on the civilian market and really innovative products that are founded on Adept Armor’s highly technical and experienced team’s designs.”

LBM will work with Adept Armor to launch company news, new products, and social media platforms.

Adept Armor recently launched website introduces the public to their first line of body armor featuring a multi-curved titanium alloy plate that is bonded to a high-performance polyethylene backer, creating a body armor plate that has the strength and multi-hit capability traditional in steel body armor with the lighter weight and performance abilities of ceramic-composite body armor.

Interested in armor materials, systems, test methods, and current threats? Check out Adept Armor’s incredible knowledgebase of information and glossary.  Learn more about Adept Armor on their new website or follow them on Facebook.

About Adept Armor:

Adept is a materials engineering and industrial design firm that focuses on the development of body armor and infantry equipment and is pioneering the use of titanium alloys, enhanced-matrix UHMWPE materials, and titanium diboride modified ceramics in modern armor plates.

These exotic materials are not used in ways that blithely follow convention. For, in addition to Adept’s expertise in materials engineering, we place extreme importance on product design. In this, we hew to a Parametricist philosophy, which often results in designs that are as novel and unexpected as they are effective.

About Laura Burgess Marketing:

Laura Burgess Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports, and outdoor markets. A family-run, woman-owned business headed by industry veteran Laura Burgess, the LBM team has over 40 years of combined experience in PR, marketing, social media, and content development. Laura Burgess Marketing’s current client list includes Big Horn Armory, Cimarron Firearms Company, EAA Corporation, GALLS, Innovative Forensic Investigations, MasterPiece Arms Inc., Sentry Products Group, Shell Shock Technologies, Steinel Ammunition, and Tasmanian Tiger®.  Laura Burgess Marketing is headquartered in Saint Augustine, Florida.