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The Bergara Experience Goes the Distance

By September 6, 2017No Comments

Bergara Rifles wraps up summer long-distance shooting events featuring the Bergara B14 and Premier Series of rifles.

Lawrenceville, Ga. (September 2017) – The Bergara Experience, by Bergara Rifles, has completed its maiden tour for 2017. Three ranges sponsored the open-to-the-public, long-range shooting events; Woody’s Hunting and Rifle Club in North Carolina, the White Feather Precision Shooting Range in Tennessee, and the final event was held at the Barbour Creek Shooting Academy in Alabama. Both curious and the experienced shooters turned out in all three events to patiently wait for their turn to try the Bergara B14 and Premier Series of rifles. For several shooters, these events were the first time they shot a rifle and most had never experienced long-range shooting before.

“I attended the Bergara event at Barbour Creek Shooting Academy in Eufaula Alabama yesterday. I have to say that the Bergara crew and their host were awesome!  I shot the B-14 HMR and I was amazed! My 1st shot was at 400 yards, dead center bullseye! At 600 yards 3 in the deer vitals. Now to 1000 yards, I put 5 of 5 of 5 in the steel. Three (3) were within 6 inches or less of the bullseye. For someone who’s never shot more than a 100 meters at a range I can’t tell you how impressive these rifles are, you’ll have to try one to believe!” Randy Wessinger messaged on the Bergara Experience Facebook.

“It’s one thing to say your rifles are serious long-range precision rifles and to claim accuracy out hundreds of yards in your advertising, but we wanted to prove it,” Ben Fleming, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Bergara Rifles explained. “The concept behind the Bergara Experience was to give the public the opportunity to experience long distance shooting, even though they may never shoot these distances again, these shoots show that the performance of these rifles is not just ad-talk, its built-in.”

All of Bergara’s Premier series rifles are shot tested at the factory and every rifle includes the test target. Each of the events gave shooters the chance to ring steel at distances between 440 and 1,000 yards. The Bergara Rifle team extends their gratitude to the three ranges for hosting the events and the team are already in talks with more ranges for the Bergara Experience 2018.

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About Bergara Rifles:

Bergara Rifles, headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, combines the world-class rifle barrels manufactured in Bergara, Spain with U.S. high-tech design and functionality in high demand by hunters, target shooters and professionals for the American market.