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Build Competency and Confidence with the Defensive Handgun Training Program from Mike Seeklander

Whether you are a new gun owner or just need brushing up on your techniques and tactics, the Mike Seeklander “Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” is designed to help you train and develop the skills to survive a lethal encounter in a gunfight.

Owasso, Okla. (October 2020) – The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that in the first half of 2020, two million new gun owners joined the ranks of firearms ownership. The growth stems from the public’s fear amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent rioting in many of the major cities across the Nation. With new gun ownership comes the realization that one may be required to use a firearm to protect property or life. Unfortunately, many firearms instructions do not prepare the new gun owner for the physical and psychological results of surviving a lethal encounter. Mike Seeklander, firearms instructor, founder, and CEO of Shooting-Performance and the American Warrior Society, has developed several programs to provide the right type of instruction for students of all levels, including the new gun owner.

“Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” is a digital download that includes:

  • 29 defensive handgun training videos
  • A comprehensive defensive handgun 300+ page manual in PDF format
  • Defensive handgun drills book in PDF format
  • A training log to keep track of progress
  • A visual training system PDF
  • And a handgun skills test

Purchases will include three bonuses:

  1. New Shooter Basic Handgun Video Series
  2. Home Defense – Search & Clearing Tactics
  3. Vehicle Defense Tactics

“When you engage in a gunfight, your training needs to kick in. Improper training or no training at all can result in catastrophic results,” Seeklander explained. “Your entire physical system goes into a fight or flight mode. Proper training will provide you with the skills to make positive decisions, even while you are undergoing physical duress. My course is based on my years of developing training programs and training police, military, and federal agency personnel on what happens during a lethal encounter, and how to survive it. I highly recommend any new gun owner who purchased their firearm for defense to get the training.”

Right now, Mike’s “Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” is on sale for $67.00. Regularly the digital downloadable training package is $129.00.

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About Shooting-Performance, Inc.:

Founded by award-winning, firearms and firearms training expert, Mike Seeklander, a Grandmaster and Distinguished Master, Shooting-Performance is all about taking it to the next level. Mike is the author of “Your Competition Handgun Training Program” and “Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” and the supporting DVD’s, cutting edge books that will take your shooting skills to the next level. For the blog, forum, free articles, and training videos, the store, or to buy a book that will make you a master shooter, visit the website.