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Civil Rights Group Announces Commitment to Billy Johnson’s “Protecting Liberty” Documentary Film Project

By April 2, 2015No Comments
Protecting Liberty gets commitment from the Firearms Policy Coalition

Protecting Liberty gets commitment from the Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition announced its support of a new documentary film, Protecting Liberty, helmed by noted Second Amendment gun rights commentator and experienced filmmaker Billy Johnson.

Johnson, whose AmidsTheNoise YouTube channel instantly revolutionized civil rights-focused video commentary, decided to take on the project after contributing to NRA News for over a year.

“The media-fed misperception that we are less safe, and that guns are the cause, has been used repeatedly to deny our Second Amendment rights,” explained Johnson. “It’s time we take an honest look at the true state of violence in America, what causes it, and what we are doing to decrease it.”

“I will argue that violence is driven by several things, but gun ownership isn’t one of them.”

FPC founder and President Brandon Combs agrees.

“Today’s mainstream news simply doesn’t offer Americans an honest look at the positive social value of law-abiding gun ownership and the real causes of street violence,” said Combs. “That’s why we’re making a strong commitment to this film, to Billy, and to our members.”

As part of the funding commitment, FPC says that it will contribute at least $5 to Protecting Liberty for every new or renewal membership received between April 2 and the end of the film’s Kickstarter campaign.

“FPC will pledge $5 for every Bronze-level membership, and $10 for every Silver or Gold membership, that we see from now through April 29 to the Protecting Liberty documentary,” explained Kyle Kennington, the gun rights group’s director of operations and outreach. “We’re eager to help Billy get his cameras rolling immediately.”

According to Kickstarter rules, the film will only be funded if at least $225,000 is pledged by 9:01 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, April 29. If less than that amount is raised, the Kickstarter campaign would be de-funded, putting the entire project at risk.

But Protecting Liberty can meet its fundraising goals and begin production filming if just 1,500 gun owners per day sign up as a new or renewal member at through April 29, notes FPC. Bronze-level annual memberships to Firearms Policy Coalition are only $10.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of advancing our constitutional cause in the court of public opinion,” said Combs. “Protecting Liberty will be an invaluable asset in our fight for fundamental, individual Second Amendment civil rights.”

“We’re confident that American gun owners will step up and do what it takes to make this film happen.”

According to Johnson, all proceeds for Protecting Liberty will go to the direct costs of production and Johnson himself will not be compensated through funds raised in the Kickstarter campaign.

Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters can help fund Protecting Liberty by joining FPC for as little as $10 at

More details about the film can be found at the project’s Kickstarter campaign page.

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