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MG Industries is a small, family owned business in Bangor, Maine that had engineered a unique modular rifle called the Hydra Modular Weapon System. The system is designed using standard barrels and allows the end user to change calibers without tools in less than 20 seconds. The end user can change seven plus calibers including .22, .223 or 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, .450 Thumper, .458 SOCOM, and the .50 Beowulf. The Hydra also comes in a AK47 configuration that allows for different caliber changes using standard barrels and magazines such as the .45 Hybrid, M3 (Grease Gun) and LE in .45, 9mm and .40 LE (using Glock magazines), 7.62x25 and the .45 Super Mag (.460) gas operated, the AR .223, 6.8 SPC and many others.

LB Solution:

Because of the Hydra’s quick-change capabilities, the rifle has tremendous potential in the law enforcement markets as well as the civilian markets. MG Industries hired LBM to penetrate the LE market providing LE writers T&E’s and information. LBM will also be using social media to enhance the informational education behind the rifle concept where purchasing a Hydra rifle system for an agency allows the agency to save money while providing them with an array of caliber options to fit their given mission, quickly and efficiently.






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