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GALLS® Helps Agencies Streamline Procurement Process and Save Money

By November 19, 2020No Comments

 GALLS® eQuip is a custom, online solution allowing agencies more power and savings when buying uniforms and equipment. In 2019, over 83K users saved over $30 million.

Lexington, Ken. (November 2020) – GALLS, LLC®, the leading distributor of uniforms and equipment to public safety agencies, set out to change how agencies purchased uniforms and equipment in 2016 by launching GALLS eQuip, an online solution that allows agencies to custom order uniforms and equipment and manages the entire process from procurement to accounting. Since then, agencies, small to large, experience average savings of $370 – $500 per officer through the GALLS eQuip program. Now, due to this year’s strain on agency budgets, GALLS eQuip makes even more sense.

GALLS eQuip is an easy-to-use, flexible online system that offers a complete solution to ordering uniforms and equipment, uniform embellishments, product tracking, reporting, and billing, all in a real-time environment. GALLS eQuip helps the agency purchaser select and customize products, manages the entire allotment and allowance process, produces live reports, and streamlines the billing and accounting processes; in other words, it manages the entire agency’s uniform and equipment needs while saving money.

Besides its cost savings benefit, GALLS eQuip allows individual officers to order accurately and reduces order errors. GALLS eQuip also includes Body Armor Tracking, another solution that logs individual officers’ body armor equipment, serial numbers, and even tracks expiration dates. Body Armor Tracking eliminates the need for alternative spreadsheets and other manual tracking systems, while alerting the agency of users and when equipment needs to be renewed.

GALLS eQuip Asset Management Tool allows officers to load, receive, and issue inventory. An agency’s custom eQuip site features customized inventory categories and reduces unwarranted spending by real-time inventory data.

“Every agency’s requirements are unique and GALLS eQuip is set up to allow every agency their own dashboard to manage their uniform and equipment programs,” Mike Fadden, CEO of GALLS, stated. “GALLS goal is to equip our public safety pros with the best available product in the most efficient and cost-conscious way possible. That is what GALLS eQuip delivers: tremendous product offerings, customization, tracking, asset management, and accounting services, all on one very easy to use online platform.”

To find out how your agency can save time and money with GALLS eQuip custom online solution, visit

About GALLS®:

Lexington, Kentucky-based GALLS, LLC® is “Proud to Serve America’s Public Safety Professionals.” Together with its subsidiaries, Galls represents the largest distributor of uniform and equipment to public safety personnel, including police, fire, EMS, private security, corrections, federal/military, and postal. Each year, more than one million men and women in the public safety, postal, and public transportation industries depend on GALLS for their essential and robust selection of equipment and apparel, ranging from customized uniforms, sunglasses, and boots/shoes to body armor, handcuffs, medical kits, and light bars. Founded in 1967, GALLS is a trusted resource for fast, convenient, and reliable public safety equipment, supplies, and gear. GALLS is headquartered in Lexington, KY, and boasts an associate team of 1500-plus based throughout the United States that services customers through an award-winning national catalog, convenient eCommerce site, more than 125 dedicated sales reps, 80 locations, and the eQuip agency online solution. Learn more at