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GUN TESTS Selects the MasterPiece Arms (MPA) BA PMR Pro 6mm Creedmoor as One of its 2021 Guns of the Year

By December 15, 2021One Comment

The rifle is featured in the article “2021 Guns & Gear Top Picks” in the Dec. 2021 edition of GUN TESTS magazine.

Comer, Ga. (December 2021)MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturer of precision Pistol, BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, is pleased to announce its MPA BA PMR Pro 6mm Creedmoor Rifle has been selected by GUN TESTS magazine as one of its guns of the year, receiving a GUN TESTS Grade of A (Our Pick). The rifle is featured in the article, “2021 Guns & Gear Top Picks,” in the Dec. 2021 GUN TESTS magazine edition.

At the end of this year, Todd Woodward of GUN TESTS, surveyed the work of R.K. Campbell, Roger Eckstine, Robert Sadowski, Tracey Taylor, and Joe Woolley has done for the magazine intending to select guns, accessories, and ammunition the magazine’s testers have endorsed.

“From these evaluations, I pick the best from a full year’s worth of tests and distill recommendations for readers, who often use them as shopping guides. These choices are a mixture of our original tests and other information I’ve compiled during the year. After we roll high-rated test products into long-term testing, I keep tabs on how these guns do, and if the firearms and accessories continue performing well, then I have confidence including these firearms in this wrap-up,” writes Woodward.


The muzzle-forward balance on the MPA allows the rifle to rest on bags easily with little effort from the shooter. Photo courtesy of GUN TESTS.

Originally reviewed in the April 2020 edition of GUN TESTS magazine, the MPA BA PMR Pro 6mm Creedmoor rifle is a heavy, yet graceful beast of a rifle, and the magazine testers and editor could easily see why it is one of the most popular rifles on the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) tour.

The BA PMR Pro Rifle is designed specifically for the Production Class requirements of the PRS with a price threshold of $2,500. It has been approved for use within this division of the PRS and includes many competition-related features. It is available in either a Black or Tungsten Cerakote® finish and has a ½ MOA accuracy guarantee.  The PMR Pro Rifle II now includes the Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger that features a 4 oz. – 2 lbs. pull weight range.

The MPA BA PMR Pro Rifle II utilizes the MPA BA Competition Chassis, which is machined on MPA’s CNC Horizontal Machining Centers to exacting tolerances from 6061 aluminum. The v-bedding system provides additional clearance for glass bedding action and straight section of the barrel. The chassis also includes a built-in inclinometer, thread protector (no muzzle brake), thumb notch, lower mounted Picatinny Rail, 20 MOA Scope Rail, EVG Grip, Ultra Bag Rider, V4 Spigot Mount, and is R.A.T. System compatible. The MPA Buttstock comes with an adjustable cheek riser and length of pull that is locked in position with a series of set screws that are embedded into the buttstock body. If the customer would like to add a muzzle brake to this rifle, it can be added as an accessory and it will not affect the Production Class status. Muzzle brake options for the MPA BA PMR Pro Rifle II include the MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake 6.5mm and the MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake 30 Cal.

The MPA BA PMR Pro Rifle II includes a Lothar Walther hand-lapped 416R Stainless Premium Barrel Blank with a polished barrel finish. The chamber is indicated within 0.0001” or less to the bore of the rifle and is bore and land inspected on a video borescope.

MPA BA PMR Pro Rifle II Specifications:

Caliber: 6mm Creedmoor, 6GT, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6 Dasher, 6BR, 6BRA, 6XC, 6 x 47 Lapua, .308 Win, .223
Action: MPA/Curtis Short Action
Bolt: 60 Degree Bolt Throw
Chassis: MPA BA Competition Chassis
Chassis Weight: 5 lbs.
Rifle Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Barrel: Lothar Walther Hand Lapped 416R Stainless Premium Barrel Blank
Barrel Twist: Caliber specific
Barrel Length: 26” (6.5mm and 6mm)
Barrel Muzzle Thread: 5/8-24 TPI
Barrel Profile: #M24 Contour
Coating: Cerakote Chassis, Polished Barrel
Length of Pull: 13.75 – 15”
Trigger: Trigger Tech Diamond or Timney HIT Trigger
Trigger Pull: Trigger Tech Diamond: 4 oz. – 2 lbs. (Customer Choice)

Timney HIT Trigger: 6 oz. – 2 lbs. (Customer Choice)

Magazine: 10 Round AICS Type Magazine Included
MSRP: $2,499.00

MPA makes every effort to get the product to the customer as quickly as possible. These are hand-built precision instruments and not production components. To see MPA’s latest delivery and lead times for all Bolt Action Rifles and Chassis, visit

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of rifles, chassis systems, and accessories, visit

About MasterPiece Arms:

MasterPiece Arms‘ main office, located in Comer, Georgia, combines quality engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing to design and produce firearms, such as highly successful BA Rifles and Chassis Systems. Masterpiece Arms uses high accuracy CNC machining, turning, barrel making, laser cutting, and bending in its manufacturing process controlled by their ISO9002/TS16949 Registered Quality System.

MPA engineers test and retest our weapons to provide customers with one of the most enjoyable guns available. With versatile uses, such as personal and home protection, long-range shooting, hunting, and tactical interests, MPA products are one of a kind and backed by a lifetime warranty for original owners. Learn more about MasterPiece Arms products at or call 866.803.0000.

MasterPiece Arms is on Facebook at and Instagram at

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