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LaserLyte® Joins the Armed Citizen Alliance (ACA) as a Founding Partner

By October 3, 2012October 21st, 2016No Comments

LaserLyte® is Committed with ACA in a United Goal of Achieving Readily Available Personal and Home Defense Training and Tools for all American Citizens

LaserLyte®, innovators of firearms laser technology has joined the ranks of the industry’s most prestigious companies in becoming a Founding Partner with the Armed Citizen Alliance (ACA).Armed Citizen Alliance

For 25-years, LaserLyte has been developing and producing firearms laser systems to build firearms skills and confidence for new and seasoned shooters. As the concealed carry market increased, LaserLyte lead the industry in producing some of the smallest and lightest firearms lasers in the world for the smallest and most popular concealed carry pistols. LaserLyte also leads the industry with innovative, interactive laser training target systems for the home or range with the belief that a prepared citizen is a trained citizen.

The ACA is a non-profit corporation founded to provide ordinary citizens an avenue to practice, train and become familiar with the use of concealed carry handguns and other personal defense firearms in an organized, recreational context that simulates real-world situations. The ACA has two core missions: first, to provide their community and industry with an organization that will act as their “first-contact” point for practice and familiarization, and second, to offer a comfortable and welcoming program to bring new and inexperienced firearms owners in and help them gain confidence and familiarity with their personal and home defense firearm while having fun.

“LaserLyte actively supports our Second Amendment rights and is proud to partner with ACA,” Aaron Moore, VP of Sales and Marketing for LaserLyte commented. “ACA and LaserLyte share a common passion and we look forward to working with them in their commitment to providing information and safe and structured training and recreation opportunities for firearms owners.”

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About LaserLyte®:

LaserLyte®, the leader in laser technology for over 25 years. Our mission is to heighten the experience of shooting.  For additional information about LaserLyte®, visit Keep up to date with LaserLyte on Facebook or Twitter. Visit the LaserLyte® YouTube page for all the LaserLyte action.

About Armed Citizen Alliance (ACA):

The Armed Citizen Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the State of Illinois.  That is by deliberate choice, to demonstrate that even in the only state without concealed-carry legislation, American citizens still have the Right to Bear Arms.

The primary institutional purpose of the ACA is to provide a national context for citizen practice and preparedness with concealed carry handguns and other personal defense and home defense firearms, and the production of the annual National Armed Citizen Challenge event (NAC2).  It is governed by officers elected by its corporate Board of Directors.  An Advisory Council of representatives from the firearms industry, other shooting sports organizations, and law-enforcement officers assists ACA Officers and Directors in making policy.  All ACA dues revenues, sponsor contributions, and event proceeds go entirely to ACA administrative costs and ACA program production costs.  ACA has no paid employees.  All ACA Officers and Directors are volunteers.