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Meet the “Young Guns” of 2020

Cimarron Firearms is proud to introduce the next generation of cowboy action shooters!

Fredericksburg, Texas (July 2020) Cimarron Firearms, a leader in authentic replicas from America’s Old West,  is proud to announce the 2020  “Young Guns.”  This year’s winners include Bone T. Hunter, Coyote Catcher, Heartbreaker Haley, and Wild I. The young cowboy action shooters’ ages range from 13 to 17 years, and all of them share a passion for all things Old West, including shooting cowboy action style guns. Each Young Gun will receive two Cimarron Frontier 4 ¾” barreled revolvers in .357/.38 spl., manufactured and provided by Pietta Firearms.

Wild I, new to the shooting sports and an 8th grader passionate about music and the natural world, exclaimed upon learning he was awarded a 2020 spot, “Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a Cimarron Young Gun. I am so thrilled and excited to see what this year and the future holds for me in cowboy action shooting!! I am looking forward to doing my best in representing Cimarron and the Young Guns Program!!”

Heartbreaker Haley is another new shooter, but has already taken Top Gun for Ladies in one match and has experienced a “clean match,” as well. Might be more than hearts this passionate contender will be breaking this year in CAS matches.

“Being a part of the 2020 Cimarron Young Guns Program has taught me many things. It has shown me not only that I should get more youth involved in SASS, but to show them how to be involved in keeping the American traditions alive, to show them how to responsibly handle and shoot firearms. Cimarron Firearms cares so much about the youth of this amazing sport, and through this program, they have involved many more young people. They help kids learn about having goals, and achieve those goals, through hard work and effort. Working with Cimarron Firearms has been an amazing experience, and has given me a better opportunity to spread the news about this sport and involve more people. I am honored to have been chosen to represent Cimarron Firearms, and am so thankful for this opportunity,” Coyote Catcher, a Texas shooter with SASS in his bloodline, added.

Cimarron’s oldest Young Gun is Bone T. Hunter, an 11th grader that started shooting in 2011 and joined SASS in 2019. Bone T. Hunter loves to get his hands on things and is an accomplished art student, photographer, and woodworker. And, when he gets his hands on a pair of six-shooters, this active Boy Scout has been Top Shooter in the Young Guns category for four months running.

The Young Guns Program, in partnership with Pietta Firearms, mentors young shooters in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. Pietta provides each Young Gunner with a pair of Cimarron Frontier revolvers ready for competitive action.

As part of the application process, the teenagers must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old and members of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). This past year, Cimarron Firearms and Pietta also included members of the 4H Club. The applicants created a video about themselves outlining why they wanted to become a Cimarron Young Gun and why they love Cowboy Action Shooting. Besides a video, each applicant was also interviewed by phone. All of the winners were introduced early to the shooting sports or Cowboy Action Shooting and are members of their local SASS clubs, participating in multiple competitions.

“The Young Guns Program, sponsored this year by Pietta, was eagerly received by kids from all over the United States,” Bryce Wayt, VP of Retail Operations, said. “It is very encouraging to see youngsters get bitten by the Cowboy Action Shooting bug and the level at which they are competing in just a few years. Our thanks to Pietta for the beautiful Cimarron Frontier revolver sets for the winners. Pietta is as dedicated as we are at Cimarron Firearms to continuing the legacy of Old West firearms and the great shooting sport of Cowboy Action.”

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