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Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Announces All-New Predator Hunting Line for 2016

By January 15, 2016No Comments
Mossy Oak Predator Speaker

Visit Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories at the 2016 SHOT Show booth 2652.

Mossy Oak® Hunting Accessories has designed an all-new line of accessories set to the exact specifications of the avid predator hunter, which will hit shelves in the fall of 2016.

Mossy Oak Predator SpeakerOutfitted in Mossy Oak® Brush camo, this new Predator line is a full assortment of lightweight, water resistant, adjustable gear that maximizes storage and mobility to enable hunters to quickly move from one spot to the next for multiple targets or harvests.

The most innovative and anticipated product in the Predator assortment is the Mossy Oak® Predator Call Speaker. This electronic call speaker is convenient and portable, wrapped in Brush Camo, and Bluetooth enabled, allowing for smartphone control, which eliminates the need for electronic remote controls that often end up misplaced or broken.

Other products in the assortment include comfortable and mobile seating and storage gear, a water resistant phone pouch, gloves with touch screen control, a hand warmer muff, and other accessories that keep hunters mobile and connected   while providing easy access to the essentials that lead to a successful predator hunt.

Mossy Oak Hunting Gear“Recent studies and census data have shown that predator hunters represent one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. hunting population,” said Mossy Oak® Hunting Accessories Product Manager Mike Jones. “This type of hunting presents hunters with a unique set of needs that are going largely unserved by current products on the market.  Our Predator line is a full assortment of quality gear that provides practical solutions to these challenges at an affordable price point.”

The all-new Mossy Oak® Predator line of accessories will be available in many outdoor retailers in time for peak predator hunting seasons, starting in July, 2016.  For more information visit