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The Social Media Reload: July 1, 2016

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Laura Burgess Marketing Social Media Reload

If it’s entertaining, interesting or controversial, you can bet you’ll find it every Friday in our social media wrap-up, the Social Media Reload. Continue below to see what you may have missed.

[youtube] GUN VERSUS BOW
It’s one of the many great debates among outdoorsmen: which is better, guns or bows? Both have their distinct uses and advantages, but how would a fully fitted out target bow fair against an iron sighted .44 magnum at various distances up to 100 yards? That’s where ArcheryTalk‘s Lucas Cooney and Demolition Ranch‘s Matt Carriker come in for a friendly competition video. With the wind blowing and the distance increasing each round, the contest gets more difficult for each, but in the end Matt and his hand canon prove no match for Lucas’ bow—except for when Matt cheats and breaks out his AR-15, because of course he did.

Best known for his angry tirades on various competitive cooking shows, chef Gordon Ramsey recently found himself outside his element hog hunting in the Fort Benning woods of Georgia while filming for “The F Word.” After practicing his rifle and pistol marksmanship with a military instructor, the two headed into the woods the next morning with camera crew in hopes of shooting a hog. But, as all hunters can attest to, the hunt didn’t go as planned.However, in the end, Ramsey was still able to take a hog, butcher it and cook a gourmet BBQ meal for local soldiers. (via OutdoorHub)

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