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The Social Media Reload: May 22, 2015

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Social Media Reload

Social Media Reload

Every week, millions of links, photos and videos are shared on social media from brands and individuals alike. The latest blog series from Laura Burgess Marketing, the Social Media Reload, features the most popular, interesting, entertaining and controversial content in the industry from the past week and repackages it into a quick list with fire power.

Below are three of the top links, photos and videos posted on social media this week.


What do you do when you have a Parrott Rifle from the American Civil War? If you’re Eric and Chad of Moss Pawn & Guns, you shoot things with it, of course! First patented in 1861, the Parrott Rifle was a muzzle-loading rifled artillery weapon used by both the U.S. Army and Navy manufactured in a variety of sizes and capable of launching projectiles up to 300 pounds. Set up on the other end of the barrel, two plates of AR500 Level III Body Armor, rated up to .308 at 2,800 feet per second, patented more than 150 years after the Parrott. Shooting a 1.5-pound pure lead projectile out of the 37mm barrel rifle, Eric and Chad are almost (literally) blown away by the result of the cannon’s impact. Find out if the AR500 Armor can stop the projectile and what happens when the guys load the Parrott Rifle with more than 250 pellets of buckshot in the video above.



If the fictional superhero of Marvel Comics and the Avengers, Thor, were real today, he may choose to trade in his war hammer for the new concept firearm that bares his name, the THOR A1. A futuristic weapon seemingly straight out of a video game, it only makes sense the weapon that “delivers the punch of a rifle in the dimensions of a PDW” was designed by a team led by Pascal Eggert, Director of Visual Design at Crytek, a German-based independent video game developer, publisher and technology provider. Featuring a unique, 50-round, curved translucent cMag, hammer-like bolt and folding stock, the THOR A1, first designed in 2010, may never see the range, but sure gets us excited about the future of firearms. See more of Eggert’s work here, including a .50 caliber guided projectile AR platform appropriately called the Epic A3.

WARNING: Language in video may be considered offensive and/or NSFW.


When you get military veterans together and add “an inappropriate amount of alcohol,” anything is possible – even a badass film. That’s exactly what happened when the guys at Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing, two of the largest, veteran-owned military lifestyle brands out there, got together and came up with the idea to make a “movie so hardcore military it [will] make Hollywood wet itself and run home crying to mommy.” Launched on Indiegogo, the campaign goal of $325,000 was surpassed in just six days and currently stands north of $420,000 with the help of more than 3,500 backers. With a cast featuring veteran and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy and two Medal of Honor recipients, plus the promise of explosions, “hot chicks” and “even bigger explosions,” it’s no surprise the film, titled “Range 15,” is drawing support from the military community. To continue to fund the film, visit the Indiegogo campaign here.

Have you seen something interesting, entertaining or controversial creating buzz on social media this week? Shoot us a link in a comment below and stay up to date with the best of each week with our Social Media Reload archive.