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Steinel Ammunition Co. Signs Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) for Public Relations

Steinel Ammunition Co., makers of rare and large bore cartridges, partners with LBM to grow awareness of their competitively priced, hard to find precision loads within the shooting sports market.

Twinsburg, Ohio (April 2019) – Steinel Ammunition Co., manufacturers of American-made premium self-defense, hunting, and target ammunition, have signed industry public relations company, Laura Burgess Marketing, to help increase awareness of their unique ammunition offerings, all designed and produced for optimal results.

Steinel Ammunition’s “Dedicated to Every Round™” tag line is a company-wide philosophy and mission to fill their customers’ ammunition needs with products that provide consistent reliability, accuracy, and precision, no matter if using for target, competition, hunting or as a professional. Steinel Ammunition stands behind their products with a 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

Steinel Ammunition, known by discerning shooters for their 458 SOCOM 300 grain JHP load, has recently added more SOCOM loads, plus Steinel’s 458 SOCOM Guide Book, available for download on the same page. Steinel Ammunition carries a wide range of rifle ammo from .243 WSSM to .308 Win, 45/70 Government, and the 500 Auto Max 350 gr. JHP, designed specifically for Big Horn Armory’s AR 500 rifle. Steinel Ammunition also produces a line of vintage military ammunition for the Garand, Arisaka and Trapdoor Springfield rifles.

Steinel Ammo 44 Magnum Ultimate Deer Load recovered from an Ohio Buck.

Steinel Ammo 44 Magnum Ultimate Deer Load recovered from an Ohio Buck.

Steinel Ammunition offers both revolver and semi-auto handgun ammunition, from self-defense loads to handgun hunting rounds.  Their Ultimate Deer Load, a 44 Magnum with a 225 grain Solid Copper Hollow Point, is made with premium components, including Starline brass, Hodgdon powder, and what is arguably the best bullet technology for handgun hunters: a Maker Bullet SCHP.   Field testing and ballistic gel testing confirm that this lead-free bullet provides optimal penetration AND expansion on deer-sized game.  The former shows that shoulders and ribs will not deter the bullet’s ability to reach the vitals and expand sufficiently, often with bullet diameters in excess of 1.1 inches.

New rounds are being researched and developed continuously, including the latest, an 8mm Nambu, which just tested flawlessly in a Type 94 pistol and will soon be available for purchase.

“Steinel Ammunition is a different kind of ammo company,” Andy Steinel, president of Steinel Ammunition Co., explained. “Because we don’t produce the everyday type of ammo you see stocked on the store shelves, we need someone within our industry that could reach the right people to help us increase customer awareness. What we offer is truly unique and we feel that LBM will be able to help us access those individuals that can propel us in the right direction.”

“I am very excited to represent Steinel Ammunition,” Laura Burgess, president of LBM, said. “The fact that Steinel Ammunition does not follow the crowd makes them unique. I look forward to the challenge of targeting some of these niche shooting enthusiast groups. I sense, once they know about Steinel Ammunition, they will be forever hooked!”

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About Steinel Ammunition Co.:

Steinel Ammunition Co. is a premium manufacturer of self-defense, hunting, and target ammunition. While other manufacturers may have a specific product line designated as “match” or “premium,” at Steinel—premium ammunition is all we do.

When you use Steinel pistol or rifle ammo, you can be sure that countless hours of research and testing have gone into every round. Each recipe, component, and assembly are designed to provide you with optimal performance.

Our passion for precision, repeatability, accuracy, and reliability drives our pursuit of perfection. Let our attention to every technical detail provide you with the ammunition you and your gun deserve.

We stand by our products 100 percent with a Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

About Laura Burgess Marketing:

Laura Burgess Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports and outdoor markets. Laura Burgess, an industry veteran, and staff have over 40 years of combined experience in PR, marketing, social media, and content development. Laura Burgess Marketing’s current client list includes: Adaptive Tactical, Big Horn Armory, Cimarron Firearms Company, Copper Basin™, Crosstac, DNA Labs International, DoubleStar Corp., Lyman Products, MasterPiece Arms Inc., Morphix Technologies, National Association of Police Equipment Distributors, Parabon NanoLabs, Shell Shock Technologies, Special Tactics, Tasmanian Tiger®, Vara Safety and Walk the Talk America.  Laura Burgess Marketing is headquartered in New Bern, North Carolina, with a satellite office in Maryland.