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Tactical Medical Solutions® (TacMed™) Announces Rebranding with Addition of Simulation and Protection Solutions

As part of TacMed’s corporate mission to become a global leader in providing first responders with the complete response experience, TacMed has acquired TraumaFX® Solutions and the DKX brand of body armor solutions. Elevate Your Response to Crisis Situations Through Innovation, Advanced Research, and State-of-the-Art Development.

Anderson, S.C. (May 24, 2021) – Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC (TacMed™) is excited to announce a corporate rebrand following the additions of simulation and protection offerings to the TacMed™ portfolio. These additions provide a full-scale solution to customers focusing on three core tenets: Equip, Train, Protect.

As part of TacMed’s rebranding and growth strategy, the company acquired TraumaFX® Solutions and the DKX brand of body armor. In addition, Tactical Medical Solutions® will now be branded as TacMed Solutions™ with three pillars: TacMed Medical, TacMed Simulation, and TacMed Protection.

The new business model now offers TacMed™ customers and first responders a one-stop solution for all their needs: medical equipment, training and simulation, and protective gear. As part of TacMed’s three-pillar business approach, each of the new divisions will focus on one aspect of the response experience. TacMed Medical will continue to equip first responders with the highest quality medical gear at the point of injury. Products will always be rooted in user-focused design, extensive research and testing, and personal experience and knowledge.

TacMed Simulation will offer state-of-the-art training solutions with high-fidelity trauma manikins through its acquisition of TraumaFX® Solutions. Designed to offer first responders and military medics the most realistic medical training experience, the life-like simulators provide responders with the autonomous response to field treatment, creating an immersive training. This training experience gives first responders the confidence and expertise to effectively work under stressful conditions.

TacMed Protection incorporates DKX’s personal protective gear for first responders under the TacMed Solutions™ umbrella to provide responders with body armor, plates, carriers, and other mission specific protective gear so they can focus on delivering aid safely.

“TacMed™, at its core, has always taken pride in providing best-in-class, innovative medical solutions supporting Warfighters and both professional and immediate responders,” said Will Wennberg, CEO. “With the acquisition of TraumaFX® Solutions and the DKX body armor line of products, we can now provide a full suite of medical devices, trauma simulators, and protective equipment to better serve our customers and those requiring aid. We have never been more dedicated to our mission – which will never waiver – and can now train, equip and protect the brave men and women we support and serve.”

Over the last 18 years, TacMed™ has evolved into a global leader in the field of tactical medicine. The recent expansion allows the company to better support its customers throughout the entire continuum of patient care. Professional and civilian first responders, overseas and here at home, have saved countless lives due to an investment in their equipment, training, and protection. TacMed™ continues down the unrelenting path to serving these customers and is honored to do so. TacMed™ will continue to focus on meeting and exceeding industry standards and striving to surpass the expectations of its valued customers.

About TacMed Solutions™:

At TacMed Solutions™, we are dedicated to improving survivability in response to crisis situations. We equip, train, and protect all who answer the call – from professionals to active bystanders – with world-class innovative solutions designed to help save lives.

From point-of-injury through the continuum of clinical care; Warfighters, first responders, and citizens alike, all rely on our extensive tactical field experience and product knowledge to supply intuitive solutions. We develop and manufacture customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear to effectively manage a spectrum of hostile environments and injuries.

Our passion is to serve and to protect the health of our communities, both at home and abroad, serves as our compass. Our commitment to your life-saving mission is only matched by the integrity of our team, the durability of our products, and our renowned customer support services.
Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC
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