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As one of the editors with The Firearm Blog I've worked with Laura and her staff for a number of years. LBM has always been very good at keeping me up to date on new products the companies they represent have to offer and arranging for those products to be sent to our writing staff for upcoming articles.

We've always had excellent communications with LBM whether it's pertaining to T&E shipments or returning products to the manufacturer once we've completed our work. LBM has also been very good at publishing general updates on the companies they represent as well as a weekly newsletter summing up industry news.

Of course I've always had the option to contact companies directly but using LBM for all our product needs makes my job easier and expedites our request which helps our company publish more content faster. Any email I send to a staff member at LBM is handled in a timely manner with the information I need.

Phil WhiteAssociate Editor, The Firearm Blog

I have found time and again that we can count on Laura to do two things extremely well:
1. Provide timely and relevant info for the decision makers who read our magazine.
2. Facilitate vendor contact for equipment reviews and information.
And something that was very special to me personally - when our magazine organized a relief effort for public safety after Katrina and another after a series of tornados, Laura was key to making these events succeed. It's people like her who go the extra mile and make a difference.

Dale StocktonEditor , Law Officer Magazine

The LBM team has always maintained a high level of communication with us and are at-hand if we need product info, images, samples or insight into what their clients are up to. If we need something — anything — having to do with any of their clients, we only need to reach out to LBM and we get what we need.

Roy Huntington Publisher, FMG Consumer Publications

Laura reminds me of someone who picks up a bit of news, no matter how small, and makes sure everyone knows about it. She's a veritable Town Crier. No one escapes her messages. Fortunately, folks like myself, always looking to stay on top of the news and new products, can turn to Laura Burgess Marketing anytime and know we'll not be disappointed.

Bob RogersEditor, GunPro Plus

In a quarter century of writing for the gunzines, I have never encountered any maker's rep who is as focused, professional ---and effective---as Laura Burgess.

Wiley ClappField Editor, The American Rifleman Shooting Illustrated

Laura is one of the most professional PR reps that I have known. She studies the market and the publications in the market. Her press events are well planned and succinct. She is prompt returning phone calls. And she never wastes my time on products that are not suited to the needs of my readers.

David GriffithEditor, Police Magazine

When we're in a pinch, editorially speaking, Laura Burgess comes through with the high-quality press materials we need to get our jobs done and done right! She is the ultimate conduit from our editorial offices to the companies and operators in the field. In today's deadline-driven print and online publishing world, where time is always of the essence, having a partner like marketing professional Laura Burgess is priceless.

Nino BosazManaging Editor, Harris Publications

Laura Burgess has been a hugely effective and an efficient ambassador between the
industry and the firearms press.

Massad AyoobFirearms and Self-Defense Instructor