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UltraFight by South Bend® – Light Tackle. Big Fight!


South Bend®, Big Game International’s flagship fishing brand, will debut UltraFight Tackle, the latest in its growing portfolio of specialized fishing tackle, at ICAST 2015.

This new ultra‐light, ultra‐sensitive assortment of products is specially engineered to provide anglers who fish for smaller, lightweight fish with a level of sensitivity and control unmatched by any other line of products on the market. The line will launch in major retailers beginning in Q1, 2016.

UltraFight’s complete assortment of lightweight tackle includes rods, combos, lures, jigheads, soft plastics, and rigs and offers a range of innovative solutions for beginners as well as more seasoned anglers.

Combos: UltraFight combos come in three styles. The Counterpunch series is an extreme family of combos that pairs a high-­‐performance micro spinning reel with lightweight graphite composite rods from 9-12ft. This series is designed to perform any technique from casting weedlines, to dunking into brush piles, to throwing a float from shore. It includes a glow‐in‐the‐dark tip to bring added attention to light strikes in lower light conditions. The Roundhouse series matches a graphite, in-line reel that eliminates line twist with a 9-12ft sensitive graphite rod. It also includes a revolutionary “strike indicator,” to help the angler see even the lightest strike.

The Split Decision series matches a micro spinning reels with an ultra-sensitive 5-6ft IM6 performance graphite rod.  This is a lightweight combo with heavyweight action, for an ultimate fighting experience for all lightweight species from perch to trout and everything in between.

squareupcrankbaitHardbaits: UltraFight also offers a full assortment of micro crankbaits and jerkbaits in both bright, loud attention grabbing colors as well as more natural finishes. “The Square Up” is one of just a few square‐ billed microbaits on the market, and will be offered at a price lower than any others currently on shelves.

An exceptional value in terms of performance and price, this little crankbait will cut through weeds and bounce off of obstructions for optimal action in the water.

ready2gopanfishTerminal Tackle: The most notable innovation in UltraFight’s terminal tackle assortment comes in the form of the Ready-To-Go Panfish Float Rig. Perfect for beginners, or an angler looking for a fast, easy, grab‐ and-­‐go solution, this pre-tied, all-in‐one float rig makes it easier than ever to get on the water and  start fishing.