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Blackhawk! Warrior Wear Ops Jacket Review

By Mike from European Outdoorsman

I have extensively used this jacket and now feel I can give a proper review of it. I first purchased this jacket thinking that it would not do exactly as Blackhawk! claims. The MSRP is $224.

Upon receiving the jacket, I noticed first, how comfortable it is. Second, it is lightweight, yet thick. The stitching on the jacket is extremely well done and it is made from quality materials. I have worn this jacket in all sorts of situations and it has kept me warm and dry in all of them.

The jacket has curved sleeves, YKK zippers, elbow pads, several pockets inside and outside and is waterproof. During rain storms and snow storms this jacket has kept me dry in both. I have used this jacket in below freezing around -5C (23F). The jacket is very effective if used correctly. I have purposely worn this jacket in extreme cold with high winds. When conditions are both very cold and very windy, then the jacket is less effective. However, when used as a layer with a shell jacket, it becomes an excellent jacket to wear.

I have fallen, climbed, crawled and hiked through thick brush with the WW Ops Jacket. The durability is great as I have been using this during hikes for more than 2 years and the fabric is still in great condition. Often times, with other types of jackets or coats, pieces of brush or vegetation sticks onto the jacket. With this jacket, I have never experienced that.

I have ran in this jacket and it has kept me warm, wicked sweat away from my body and has not caused overheating.  When I did run, the jacket did not stick to my body.

The jacket comes in multiple sizes and in foliage green and black. Access to all pockets is easy, even the rear ones. I originally thought the rear pockets would be difficult to zip and unzip, but this is not the case. I am also very surprised that the zippers themselves are still in great condition.

The Blackhawk! Warrior Wear Ops Jacket is a great piece of outerwear for those who often hike in thick brush. It is comfortable and well made. I would recommend it to anyone who was in need of such a jacket. However, if you find that you would be in much colder conditions, I would recommend using this as a base layer.

Like anything made by Blackhawk!, this is a quality item!