SOUSA™ Optics

SOUSA™ Optics, formerly Sun Optics, designs and makes precision aiming devices and firearms accessories for the most demanding shooters and outdoor enthusiasts. Throughout the research, design, manufacturing, quality control, and testing processes, SOUSA Optics prides itself on attention to detail and unrelenting standards.

SOUSA Optics brings the very best to the shooting community at an affordable price and stands behind its product with its ASW™ Absolute Satisfaction Warranty™. If a customer experiences any issues with a product that SOUSA Optics makes it will repair or replace it at no cost to the customer. SOUSA Optics don’t need a box, receipt, or a reason for the failure. No matter what happens to your SOUSA™ product, the company will take care of it… period.

LBM Solution:

SOUSA™ Optics requires PR/Writer and marketing campaigns to educate current customers and new customers within the firearms and airsoft industries to understand the brand shift from Sun Optics to the new SOUSA brand. Primary objectives will be to ensure the media are aware of the new SOUSA brand and are incorporating product reviews on their media platforms, as well as writing press releases on new products and projects from SOUSA Optics.