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GUNUP.com Announces Free Press Release and News Service

 GunUp.com is pleased to announce the launch of their integrated news and press release service for the firearms industry. The new, totally-free, press release service will allow firearms industry marketers to have their latest news pushed through the GunUp blog network and posted on GunUp.com. GunUp’s press release service will have the ability to track posts, discussions and feedback on the press releases providing marketers with valuable tools that often carry heavy out-of-pocket costs, for free. Starting on May 31, 2011, marketers can submit press releases, news, images and videos for free on GunUp.com at news@gunup.com.

The 24-hour turn-around for news and press releases will provide industry marketers with instant feedback on their new products and services. Working with GunUp’s qualified bloggers, marketers will see immediate ROI and a shortened sales cycle by bringing product announcements and information to the consumers in record time. GunUp, the first online firearms community to support industry marketers by lending their expertise in blogger qualifications, have developed the GunUp Blogger Network by which members qualify for either a Members position or a Voting Members position within the community, again, all for free. All GunUp bloggers have been vetted for basic content to ensure they meet GunUp’s general guidelines of creating a safe and supportive environment. Voting Members must meet stricter criteria and the Voting Members include the most influential gun bloggers on the Internet today.

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