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LinkedIn: Your Online Rolodex

By April 6, 2010March 14th, 2018No Comments

Everyone wants to be noticed, to have their business be number one in their niche. We enter our markets striving to be the best, the most knowledgeable and cutting edge. The goal is to have our customers’ think of only us when a product choice comes to mind, to trust that only we can provide them with what they need. Simply put, we want to become the Subject Matter Experts in our fields.

So how can LinkedIn help us build this reputation? Simple.

LinkedIn was created from conception as a business networking tool. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where many of the users simply use these platforms to communicate with friends and family, share pictures and find out what everyone is doing for the weekend, LinkedIn’s users are purely there to do business. Whether it is to find a job or post jobs, connect with old business partners or to build new business relationships, LinkedIn users are all business professionals like you and me.

LinkedIn can help you solidify your reputation as a Subject Matter Expert. Discover the secrets to creating a strong profile and presence on LinkedIn by downloading your complimentary White Paper on the subject.