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Review: LaserLyte RSL Rear Sight Laser for Glock

The good people at LaserLyte recently sent one of their newest lasers my way…. the Rear Sight Laser which is now updated to come with a night sight option.

What first jumps out at you when you see this laser is that they have completely incorporated this laser aiming devise and the power source into the rear sight of the firearm. With the RSL you are essentially completely replacing your stock OEM sight with an all new sight constructed of high carbon steel. That by itself is a great feature, and one that is going to appeal to a whole bunch of people. This unique design feature means that you wont have to worry about finding a new holster that will accommodate your new lasered up firearm…. If your favorite holster fit your gun before you installed this new sight, it will certainly fit the gun afterward as well. Thats a big savings of time, money and comfort.

Installation is pretty straight forward on the Glock (some other models may have different variables to deal with). Basically you are going to slide out the OEM sight from the dovetail with the supplied brass punch and then push in the RSL and tighten down the lock screw. It took me probably 15 minutes or so (and I had to really whack it with a hammer), but it was not really that difficult. LaserLyte has video instructions on their website if you are interested in actually seeing how its done. They also offer a Rear Sight Laser Installation Tool if you wanted to use that – Yes, it costs as much as the laser, but if I were having to install a bunch of these I would probably make the investment.

New to the RSL this year is the incorporation of a feature that allows for a night sight mode. Now you dont have to worry about losing night sight capabilities when replacing your original rear night sight with the RSL. With the push of the toggle switch the battery powered micro LED glows green under the white sight notch creating a rear night sight. Now you have essentially three sights in one. A high-power laser, night sight, and white outlined iron sights.

So whats the bottom line?

The RSL is definitely a great laser aiming devise, and the quality of the product is right on par with what you would expect from an industry leader like LaserLyte. It couples a bright, focused laser with a high quality, well made rear sight. Operation is quick and easy. The toggle switch located at the rear of the sight requires very little effort to activate, and is placed within easy reach. The RSL is a brilliant way to incorporate a laser onto your gun by allowing you to replace only your rear sight and not have to worry about any other issues. LEOs and many people looking for a laser for their home defense gun are going to be very pleased with the execution of this design.

More pics here

Oh… and did I mention these things are tough? Yes, you can even drive a nail with it: