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Social Media Changing the Way We Do Business

By September 9, 2009No Comments

 We live in a fast paced world and the way we do business is continually evolving. Merely a year ago, I doubt you could say that you knew what a Tweet was and thought Facebook was just for kids. Well, times have changed and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name a few, are the wave of the future for how businesses will be run.

These platforms, if used properly, can help a business promote their brand, connect with their customers and vendors, land new deals, improve their products, find new partners and more. How can social network sites do this? Simple. It’s all about how you optimize the networks and the goals you have in mind. Who is your target audience? What are you hoping to gain from participating? Are you looking to be a support service? Gather feedback to improve your service, products, etc? Increase your brand awareness and public image? By answering these simple questions, you can figure out the best way to use these platforms, and which platforms, to help promote your business.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. Although the thought of social media can be daunting, the benefits are enormous and worth the effort. We at Laura Burgess Marketing are working on a White Paper that will be available in the next few weeks which will outline why social media platforms are so important to participate in and how you can use them to help your business.

Don’t have the time to manage your social media accounts? That’s where we come in. Contact us at to find out how we can make your life easier and stay tuned for our upcoming White Paper.