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The ATN OTIS-17 Thermal Multi-Purpose System

The ATN OTIS-17 multi-purpose thermal imaging system is built around state-of-the-art uncooled Thermal Imaging Technology, highly integrated DSP based electronics all in a compact, lightweight system. The OTIS-17 is extremely versatile. Included and optional accessories provided allow for the monocular to be placed on a headset or helmet, connected to another monocular to build a binocular system, mounted as a riflescope, or as a handheld device. All of American Technologies Networks products provide excellent image quality and the OTIS-17 is no exception providing high resolution digital thermal imaging through total darkness, fog, smoke and most visual obscurants. Not even camouflage or bright lights will affect the sensitivity of the OTIS-17. The ATN OTIS-17 is also waterproof and has video and computer output capabilities.

Click here to see specifications for the ATN OTIS-17.