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Flopak® Acquired by JetRam

JetRam expands service and offerings with acquisition of Flopak®, a leader in the preformed pot cover market.
Jetram floral deliver

St. Louis, Mo. (June 2016) – Flopak®, manufacturers and distributors of pre-formed pot covers and floral accessories has been acquired by JetRam Products LLC, manufacturers and distributors of packaging products for the floral and gift industries. JetRam, with 35 years’ experience of servicing customers within the floral industry, will continue to provide their acclaimed customer service and on-time delivery to their customers, and now Flopak® customers.

JetRam customers will now have more options available including Flopak® pre-formed pot cover products. Flopak customers will be able to purchase the same products they are familiar with in addition to the JetRam products, and receive the benefits of JetRam’s reputable service and on-time delivery.  As part of the new relationship, JetRam’s experienced management team will be working diligently to ensure all Flopak® and JetRam customers receive the same attention to customer service, fantastic and varied product lines and on-time delivery service.

“We saw Flopak® as an opportunity to increase our offerings to a wider  audience and establish ourselves as an international leader in quality floral packaging products,” Mike Greene, General Manager and Director of Operations for JetRam and Flopak® commented. “We have increased our market share in product offerings and our customer base through both companies, while providing the superior customer service and on-time delivery service that JetRam is well known for.”

As consumer trends and preferences change, Flopak’s unique line of plant containers have been designed specifically to appeal not only to florists but to end users, adding value to the entire package for florists as more consumers gravitate towards container gardening, indoor gardens and arrangements. Flopak’s vision has allowed them to successfully enter markets once considered peripheral, such as greenhouse growers and most recently, niche markets within the floral and gift industries.

Jetwrap system

JetRam, having specialized in the packaging and wrapping of floral arrangements developed and markets the Jetwrap Floral Delivery System. The Jetwrap system allows florists to quickly wrap arrangements for a professional presentation through a box and sleeve combo. Florists using this system, have found it to save time, money and guarantee a fresh and polished product.  JetRam will continue to offer this unique time-saving system to their customers and also to Flopak® customers.

Now, retailers in the floral industry will enjoy the best of both worlds through JetRam and Flopak® including a greater array of popular products and services provided by a highly experienced team focused on ensuring timely deliveries and healthy bottom lines.

The new JetRam/Flopak company will be exhibiting at the upcoming International Floriculture Expo, held June 21-22, 2016 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Meet the new team, at booth 455 and let us show you how we deliver!

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About JetRam Products LLC:

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, JetRam Products LLC. was founded in 1981 by a local florist to develop better packaging systems for the floral and gift industries. As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative packaging and wrapping systems, JetRam has developed a loyal customer base in the 48 continental states, Puerto Rico and Canada. JetRam is the pioneer behind the popular Jetwrap Floral Delivery System and the inventor of domed shrink bags. In early 2016, JetRam purchased the brand and holdings of Flopak®, a larger floral packing company also located in St. Louis, specializing in preformed pot covers and floral accessories.

About Flopak®:

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Flopak® provides the floral and gift industries with pre-formed pot covers, floral wrappings and accessories. Previous operating under the Gateway Packaging Company since 1985, Flopak® became its own entity in 2010 upon the sale of Gateway. Flopak® quickly became a top market performer competing with multi-million dollar enterprises. In 2016, Flopak was purchased by JetRam Floral Packaging, a 30-year old floral wrap manufacturer and distributor headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. JetRam is the pioneer behind the popular Jetwrap Floral Delivery System and the inventor of domed shrink bags and services retail customers in the 48 continental states, Puerto Rico and Canada

The acquisition and combination of these two firms will offer customers a large array of innovative and quality products to service retail florists, greenhouses, nurseries, and gift stores while keeping customer service the first priority.