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In a quarter century of writing for the gunzines, I have never encountered any maker's rep who is as focused, professional - and effective - as Laura Burgess Marketing.

Wiley ClappField Editor, The American Rifleman, Shooting Illustrated

Collectively, the LBM team is a marketing force unmatched in the industry.

Gary CaubleFounder, Adaptive Tactical

Laura Burgess has been a hugely effective and an efficient ambassador between the industry and the firearms press.

Massad AyoobFirearms and Self-Defense Instructor

Our Clients

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Who We Are

Laura Burgess Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports, boating and recreational fishing markets.

With a combined 40 years of experience in marketing, corporate management, and public relations, Laura Burgess Marketing helps companies build better brand awareness to the media and their customers through traditional and social media methods.

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