Diamond Age Armor

Diamond Age is a materials science and engineering firm that focuses on the research and development of leading-edge anti-ballistic armor systems.

Current research projects involve overstiochiometric near-net shaped titanium boride (TiB2.4) ceramics, functionally graded lightweight cermets in the boron-titanium and boron-magnesium systems, high modulus Fe–TiB2 steel cermets, hard and elastic nickel-based amorphous metals, and ultra-lightweight magnesium-based ceramics. Diamond Age is also a leading producer of boron nitride nanotubes for ceramic reinforcement, and actively explore their utilization in ceramic and metal matrices.

Development projects include rifle-resistant helmets much more advanced than the current state of the art, ultra-lightweight body armor systems, improved armor designs for face and neck protection, and structured biomimetic tile arrays for enhanced multi-hit performance and durability in ceramic armor systems.

With new products, such as the NeoSteel Helmet, Diamond Age required a partner to help them establish relationships within the shooting sports, survivalist, security, military, and law enforcement markets to build brand awareness and cultivate long-term partnerships.

LBM Solution:

LBM is working with Diamond Age to drive consumer awareness through traditional media relation practices such as press release writing and distribution and writer test and evaluation programs. Additionally, LBM will enhance existing social media platforms to inform and educate the market about the unique design and manufacture of their state-of-the-art ballistic products.