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American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Law Enforcement Armorer’s Certification Course Saves Time and Money for Agencies

By November 19, 2013No Comments

lepatchAmerican Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative instructional gunsmithing DVD courses, introduce the only DVD-based Law Enforcement Armorer’s Certification course that saves police agencies time and money while providing agency armorers the latest information on LE firearms upkeep.

Every Law Enforcement agency knows the importance of keeping Armorer’s Certifications up to date, but the cost of sending officers to various schools, plus the added expense of travel and accommodations, can put a dent in today’s tighter budgets. Plus, with recent personnel cutbacks in Law Enforcement, many units cannot afford to send officers to school from a community safety standpoint.

AGI offers a Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course that covers all of the current commonly used LE handguns, shotguns and rifles. The AGI DVD Armorer’s course covers all law LEACenforcement weapons in a single DVD, along with testing and certification for Glock Pistols, Colt 1911, S&W M&P, Springfield XD, Beretta 92, H&K USP, SIG Sauer Pistol, Ruger Mini-14, AR-15 Rifle, Ruger Double-Action Revolvers, S&W Revolvers, Remington 870 Shotgun, Mossberg 500 Series Shotguns, MP5 and S&W auto pistols in the first, second and third generations.

The AGI Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course is intended for anyone who owns or works on these firearms, to include law enforcement, armorers, full-time sworn peace officers, reserve and part-time peace officers, gunsmiths, range masters, shooting and tactical instructors, security officers, defense attorneys, individuals who want to move their firearms knowledge to a professional level and anyone who might come into contact with the listed firearms in their line of work.

The AGI Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course is the equivalent of attending 15 Factory Armorer’s Schools without having to leave your home.

“I was an Armorer in the U.S. Army,” commented AGI student Russell Aumann. “I learned more things about the .45 auto in this course than I did in the Army’s Armorer school!”

The AGI Certified Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course features over 23 hours of video instruction plus testing, certification and the AGI Certified LE Armorer’s Patch at a price less than travel, expenses and enrollment in one certification course.