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ArmourLite Global Adventurer Hugo Reiner: Update from India Day 1

Update from Hugo in India: After nearly 17 hours in the air, I landed in Delhi, India at around 2am local time. I found a driver outside the airport and began the 45-minute drive to the guesthouse. Driving through New Delhi in the middle of the night wasn’t too bad but once we entered Old Dehli, I was in a whole different world! We stopped in a very dark one-lane street in the middle of an old textiles market. I got out of the tiny car and my driver led me down a dark scary alley to find the door to the guesthouse. (The beginning of a great horror movie, right?) Once settled in, I managed to get a few hours of sleep. In the morning I went up to the roof of the guesthouse for breakfast. I got to take in my first view of India in the daytime! I was in disbelief that I was actually here! Since arriving, I have spent many hours visiting the sites of New and Old Delhi. My observations so far: the people are super nice and friendly, families are always out and about together, monkies cross the road and show up randomly on the rooftops of homes (I’ve got photos for the non-believers), a three lane road always becomes a five lane road and no one crashes, everyone has a cell phone, and the Indian food is great! Stay tuned for my next update!