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Greg Gaglio Brings Down Massive Elk in Secret Hunting Location

By September 4, 2014No Comments

Greg Gaglio

Greg Gaglio of Las Vegas recently used his Christensen Arms .300 UltraMag on a hunt in the Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah to take down a massive bull elk with a raw score of 460 and 8 points on one side of the rack and 7 on the other.

“On the first day of the hunt we started out early in the morning as soon as it was beginning to get light and we kept walking till we got almost to the end of the trail,” said Gaglio. “We got to an area with rolling hills and I sat on top of this ridge for about two hours glassing. This elk just walks right out of a little canyon and presented himself on top of this knoll. Bang! One shot at 150 yards was all it took. It was a short hunt.”

Gaglio’s been an avid hunter for 40 years and recently purchased a custom built .300 UltraMag and a .25-06 from Christensen Arms. Gaglio’s UltraMag has a 26 inch match-grade, carbon fiber barrel, a titanium muzzle brake, carbon fiber stock, Timney trigger, and a Swarovski optic on top.

“I don’t think I’m going to use any other rifle – I love them,” said Gaglio. “They are just so lightweight, easy to handle and the accuracy is right on. I put this massive elk down with just one shot at 150 yards. I also went on a hunt in Colorado this year and brought down a beautiful 6×6 elk at 550 yards with just one shot. One shot is all it takes with these guns from Christensen Arms.”

Gaglio decided to keep his hunting location a secret. “It’s a honey hole. I’m going to go back for more. All I can say is that it’s in the Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah.”

Gaglio plans on going hunting in Sonora, Mexico this year where his friend was able to get some bucks over 30 inches. He’s also planning on buying another rifle from Christensen Arms and plans to frame this newsletter so he can put it in his man cave next to the massive elk he just mounted.