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ISSC-Austria Range Program Increases Interest in Shooting with ISSC Pistols

ISSC-Austria, exclusive importer and distributor of the M22 range pistol, offers shooting ranges a low-cost program to increase customer interest in learning to shoot or spending more time practicing at the range. Qualified ranges and shooting facilities are loaned a M22 pistol, the ideal range pistol designed to use inexpensive, high-velocity 22LR ammunition, while providing a highly accurate, defensive pistol feel in handling. The M22 pistol is out for loan for a six-month period and after the term expires, the range can purchase the pistol for just $229.95 and qualify for another loaner M22 for an additional six months, or return it. ISSC-Austria will also include a packet of targets specifically designed for use with the ISSC M22 pistol. As an added bonus for any participating range, their listing will be featured on the ISSC website. This program is limited and all ranges and shooting facilities must meet qualifications to participate. Visit ISSC-Austria to find out more about the M22 Range Program.

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