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It’s Time to Fill That Cup of Christmas Cheer!

By December 24, 2014No Comments

It’s just after noon on Christmas Eve and I’m scrambling to put my desk in order and close the doors of Laura Burgess Marketing for the long weekend. All the gifts are wrapped, shopping done, and I am ready to put on the Christmas cheer (or at least a little in my nog). It’s this time that takes me back to when I was a kid and the world revolved around me, or at least I thought so. Around this time of the day on Christmas Eve, I would sit by the beautifully lit Christmas tree adorned with ornaments from all our family travels and real lead tinsel, and imagine what delights were colorfully wrapped and addressed to me. There were so many toys to want and believe me, my list was long.

Myself and my little sister Pam, apparently overjoyed at the treasure on Christmas morning.

Myself and my little sister Pam, apparently overjoyed at the treasure on Christmas morning.

As I grew older, it wasn’t so much “want” that drove my Christmas list, but “need”. Married and with a child, I needed kitchen gadgets and gear, household stuff and Mom Jeans. Fast forward, I no longer need or want for much and I feel pretty darn lucky for that. Some of the things I have wanted have been delivered, though not necessarily in pretty packaged boxes but include my family, my health, my friends, and my dreams of running my own business.

As I look forward to this Christmas and many more, I still have wishes I would like fulfilled. I wish for the continued love and support of my family and friends and, in turn, wish that all their dreams come true. I also wish success in life and business to our many wonderful LBM clients who continue to amaze us with their energy and imagination. And finally, I wish for a strong country, peopled with individuals that do not take their freedoms and liberties lightly, that with work hard and integrity can grow our economy and allow more little girls to grow up and make the dream of having their own business a reality.

Cheers, and may all your dreams come in shiny paper!

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