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LBM Celebrates the Great Outdoors Month with Guns and Fishing

June is Great Outdoors Month and by an official proclamation from the President of the United States, its during this month that we should all get outside and enjoy our very special piece of the world. Laura Burgess Marketing certainly started the month off with a bang…literally. On our way out to the Outer Banks for a little fishing, we stopped in Virginia Beach and had drinks with an old friend. The next day we met up with several KRISS team members at the local firearms range where we had the chance to put some lead downrange. We shot the KRISS Vector rifle and we’ve been officially KRISSED! What a sweet rifle! Literally no muzzle rise – and with a .45! If you have never heard of KRISS or have been living under a rock, this system had me shaking my head. Talk about innovation. Me being the recoil baby that I am, I was reluctant to shoot anything above a 9mm but this .45 Vector was absolutely painless and I could keep the target in my sights the entire time! It may only be June, but I’m starting my Christmas list with a KRISS! View the videos of Team LBM firing the KRISS Vector rifle on our YouTube Channel.

From shooting to fishing, we ended up at Oregon Inlet on Friday night. Up and at ‘em by 5:15 a.m. we set off with our neighbors (newbies to deep sea fishing) and boarded the West Wind, captained by Olan West. We wanted bill fish and Capt. West said it had been slow but the luck was with us and an hour after we arrived at the “fishing grounds” I hooked a blue marlin. Some 40 minutes later we brought it to the boat and released it.  Several Dolphin fish later, Eric took the chair as another nice size blue decided to play along. His fish only took about 25 minutes to come to the boat. Both fish were about 350 to 400 pounds and just spectacular. I definitely got my Hemingway on. We flew the white flags coming home and are now waiting for our citations from North Carolina for our blue marlin (my first, Eric’s second!).  So, I hope we have inspired you to get outdoors, shoot, fish, hike or take a vacation somewhere in our beautiful and FREE 50 states!