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MasterPiece Arms Announces Three New .22 Defender Suppressors and the Winners of their “Name that MPA Suppressor Contest”

MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MAC 10 inspired MPA Defender Series and the MPA Protector Series subcompact pistols, gave fans and customers the opportunity to name the first series of their new MPA .22 sound suppressors. The best name that followed in the MPA tradition of “Protector” and “Defender” product series names would win one of the first MPA 22 suppressors produced and designed entirely by MPA. The contest was to run through November 30, 2011, but due to overwhelming response, MPA alerted participants that the contest would close early on the 23rd of November. With over 280 entries, MPA set about reviewing the many impressive suggestions.

“With so many great product names coming in for the new .22  aluminum K-baffle suppressor, we made a decision to go ahead and launch our two other new .22 suppressor designs,” Phil Cashin, President and CEO of Masterpiece Arms announced. “Now, we have three winners for these new suppressors entirely made by MPA and we are very proud to announce them: Vigilant (inspired by the submission Vigilance), Murmur and Sentinel. We had several contestants suggest the same name so any winners were the first to place their suggestion.”

All three of the new .22 suppressors are completely made on Masterpiece Arms’ state-of-the-art CNC machinery, including a 5-axis vertical machining center for machining the exhaust ports. The units are designed to be fully serviced and cleaned by the user. A disassembly tool and instructions are included with every suppressor.  The first of the three is the “Sentinel” named by winner Scott Wellman of Roanoke, VA. The Sentinel is a .22 suppressor in a K-baffle design with six baffles made from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. The super-tight tolerances are held throughout the manufacturing process with respect to Total Indicated Runout (TIR) and concentricity of the outer tube to the front and rear cap. The K-baffles ensure a no point-of-impact shift.  The front and rear caps, plus the outer tube are hard coated in an anodized black for anti-reflection and anti-corrosion. The Sentinel weighs just 3.1 ounces and is 5.625 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. MSRP is $239.99

The second new .22 suppressor is the Murmur, named by winner Daniel Stinson of Shreveport, LA, and features a monocore design machined from a solid piece of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. The Murmur is also hard coated in an anodized black and weighs 3.8 oz. and measures 6 in. length and 1 inch in diameter. MSRP is $259.99

The third and final .22 suppressor is the Vigilant, which was inspired by the submission “Vigilance” from winner Eric Walton. The Vigilant is also six K-baffle design machined from stainless steel with a polished stainless finished tube. The Vigilant weighs 5.7 oz. and measures 5.8 in. MSRP is $325.99. This suppressor is rated for semi-auto and full-auto applications in .22LR.

The new MPA suppressors are the first series in an expanding line up of MPA sound suppressors that will include center-fire and rim-fire pistol and rifle models in .22LR, .223/5.56, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Like all Masterpiece Arms products, the suppressors include a lifetime warranty and support of the MPA dedicated service department.

Congratulations to the winners of MPA’s Name that Suppressor Contest. MPA also wishes to thank all of their customers and Facebook fans for participating and looks forward to more such promotions in the future. The MPA new .22 suppressors can be ordered on the MPA website or at your favorite retailer.