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Mission First Tactical Releases YouTube Video on BattleLink™ Minimalist Stock (BMS) Paracord Strap

Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT™), developer of select rifle/carbine accessories specifically for the military, law MFT BMS Paracord videoenforcement and civilian sport shooting markets, has teamed up with George Matheis of Modern Combative Systems to produce a YouTube video on how to carry an emergency supply of Paracord in an effective and useful manner; by employing it as a strap for the MFT Battlelink™ Minimalist Stock (BMS).

Matheis uses approximately 6 ft. of Paracord and demonstrates how to engage and wrap a Cobra Weave strap using the existing BMS platform.

The Paracord strap allows shooters who are accustomed to the feel of a full-width stock, as well as ambidextrous shooters, the confidence of a full-width stock without the excess weight. The MBS with a Paracord strap will weigh slightly over 6 ounces.

To see how to add a Cobra Braid to a MFT Battlelink™ Minimalist Stock, watch the complete video at

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