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Cassette Alerts First Responders, Police, EMS, Military or Fire Fighters

to Ammonia Exposure Resulting from Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs

or “Shake-n-Bake” Situations


Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of colorimetric detection devices for dangerous chemical gases, has developed an Ammonia sensor cassette for the Chameleon® Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit. The Ammonia sensor detects gases and vapors in the air where other technologies only detect hazards in liquid or aerosol forms. Gaseous forms of the toxic chemical are the most likely danger to fire fighters, first responders, EMS, police, military and homeland security professionals. All Chameleon® kits are designed for an easy on / easy off fit on the wearer’s forearm and can be worn over most turn-out gear or level-A suits.Morphix Ammonia Cassette

According to the New York State Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance Project, 24% of the events associated with First Responder injuries were due to ammonia exposure. Ammonia’s primary uses are as an agricultural fertilizer and refrigerant in cold storage facilities. Ammonia is also an ingredient in the manufacture of gunpowder and sulfuric acid, as well as illegal methamphetamines.

Ammonia vapor has a sharp, irritating and pungent odor that acts as a warning of potentially dangerous exposure. Exposure to very high concentrations of gaseous Ammonia can result in lung damage and even death. Although Ammonia is regulated in the United States as a non-flammable gas, it still meets the definition of a material that is toxic by inhalation.

The Ammonia sensor developed by Morphix Technologies is part of an easy-to-use, low-cost Chameleon® Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit to be used alone or in addition to hazardous chemical protective suits and masks to identify dangerous levels of Ammonia and other toxic chemicals during a clandestine methamphetamine lab or “shake-n-bake” investigation.

The Ammonia sensor will change color when the toxic gas is present and requires no power source or calibration. Unlike current colorimetric detection systems, the Chameleon® is designed to military standards for use in a wide variety of operating environments. It can be used in desert heat, arctic cold or tropical conditions and can even be immersed in water.

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