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OMNICARRY Multi-Fit IWB Holster Launches – Fits over 300 Different Handguns

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for multiple holsters for different handguns – the HOFTAC OMNICARRY does the job for them all, fitting over 300 different handgun models.

Nampa, Idaho (July 2023)HOFTAC Industries, in conjunction with Adaptive Tactical, LLC, is proud to announce the official launch of the OMNICARRY Multi-Fit Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster. The OMNICARRY holster is a revolutionary “universal fit” concealed carry solution that eliminates the need for multiple holsters by fitting over 300 different handgun models, making it an extremely versatile and value-driven option for firearm enthusiasts.

The OMNICARRY’s patent-pending backer plates make fitting simple and secure, allowing this holster to become a universal daily carry solution. With included retention plates that can be adjusted according to pistol thickness, users can easily customize the holster to their preferred level of retention, providing a consistent and reliable draw every time. By fine-tuning the retention, the OMNICARRY holster ensures a secure and personalized fit for any handgun, including full-size, compact, and sub-compact pistols.

In addition, the OMNICARRY holster is optics-ready, making it compatible with all slide-mounted optics, and comes with two pre-installed 1.75” Spring steel clips for fast and easy belt attachment and a grip rotation wing for enhanced concealability. This combination is not found standard on any other holster in the multi-fit category and adds considerable end-user value. The foam and mesh backer provides comfort for all-day wear inside the waistband, allowing for discreet and comfortable concealed carry.

“The OMNICARRY holster is truly a game-changer in the concealed carry market,” said Gary Cauble, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Adaptive Tactical. “With its ability to fit over 300 different handguns and its innovative design, it offers unmatched versatility and convenience to firearm owners at a competitive price point. We are thankful to have had design input and excited to be the exclusive distributor of this exceptional product.”

Available in right- and left-handed models with an MSRP of $69.99, the OMNICARRY holster offers incredible value for its quality, versatility, and performance. View the full compatibility list by visiting Separate OMINCARRY holsters are coming soon for 1911 pistol platforms.

For retailers, offering the OMNICARRY holster will reduce inventory requirements and maximize retail space. Online Retailers, dealers, and distributors interested in carrying the OMNICARRY holster can contact Adaptive Tactical directly by calling 208-442-8000 or emailing

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About HOFTAC Industries:

HOFTAC Industries is the manufacturer of the OMNIcarry Holster product line. HOFTAC Industries believes that your right to own and carry a concealed firearm is one of the most important rights we have in our great country, and as a holster maker, we want to make sure you can conceal carry comfortably and confidently. For more information, visit

About Adaptive Tactical:

Adaptive Tactical is a leading provider of innovative firearm accessories that are designed to improve performance, enhance functionality, and increase versatility. In addition to its engineering and design services, Adaptive Tactical offers a complete line of stocks, magazines, and other accessories for shotguns, rifles, and pistols. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, Adaptive Tactical strives to provide firearm owners with cutting-edge solutions to meet their changing needs.