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Revision Shooter Max Michel Sets New Stage World Record, Takes Home Second Place at 2011 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships

Max Michel, champion shooter for Revision, may have come in second at this past weekend’s Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships, held in Piru, California August 18-21, 2011, but it didn’t stop him from setting new World Records. Michel set the new World Record during the Roundabout (Stage 2) with four runs totaling 7.96 seconds, during which Michel drew his pistol four times and hit 20 total targets.

“Capturing another World Record is an amazing accomplishment,” commented Michel. “To think that my scores are the best in the 30 year history of the Steel Challenge is an honor when you look back at the legends that came before me and the quality of shooters today.”

Michel placed second in Open Division with 82.34 match points. As the match wrapped up, he reflected on the news of the changing venue for the annual match, “As the 30th Anniversary comes to an end, I realize this will be my last time competing in Piru, CA for the World Speed Shooting Championship. Piru is where the history of the Steel Challenge is and it will never be the same. I will miss all the great memories that we had here but look forward to the new memories that will be made on the East Coast next year and beyond.”

Michel will next be competing in the 2011 EGW Area 8 Championship, held at the Fredericksburg Rod & Gun Club in Fredericksburg, VA September 1-5, 2011.