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Secrets to Operating a Successful Gunsmithing Business, Secret #4

Secrets to Operating a Successful Gunsmithing Business was written by Gene Kelly, President of the American Gunsmithing Institute and the Gun Club of America. This is the fourth of a seven part blog series.

Secret #4:

Knowing How To Rapidly Make Repairs and Customizing Work

I won’t spend a lot of time on this point as it is what the entire American Gunsmithing Course is all about. But in brief, you must be able to understand the firearms design, quickly analyze the problem and then make the proper repair. That’s what AGI’s Professional Design, Function and Repair Gunsmithing Course will teach you how to do. If you haven’t watched the Professional Course Introductory video lesson, then go to for complete details.

Check back for tomorrow’s blog where we’ll discuss understanding the lifetime value of a customer.