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The ATN Night Arrow6-CGT

By September 29, 2010No Comments

American Technologies Network, Corporation manufactures night vision gear for law enforcement and the military and their commercial market scopes and sights are made with the same demanding requirements for durability, optical clarity, accuracy and night vision performance. The ATN Night Arrow6-CGT is a weapon scope providing excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities for sport shooters or varmint hunters. The CGT type of Image Intensifier tubes are engineered for significantly enhanced performance over standard 2nd generation IITs. The CGT IIT is a Multi-Alkali compact 18mm format MCP Image Intensifier. Highlights of the CGT specifications are typical SNR of 16-22 and resolution of 45-54 lp/mm. CGT IITs are sensitive in a wide spectral band and thus provide good contrast in all scene circumstances.

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