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The LifeGaurd Group and the Retired Investigators Guild (RIG) Join Forces to Fight Against Human Trafficking

By November 13, 2023No Comments

There are more than 365,000 missing children in the U.S. every year. Approximately 109,000 of them will be trafficked into sexual slavery or forced labor.  Only 1 percent of Human trafficking victims are ever recovered. Two organizations dedicated to fighting the scourge of Human trafficking have just joined forces to fight this crime against humanity.

The LifeGuard Group and the Retired Investigators Guild (RIG) today jointly announced the signing of an agreement that will enable them to work collaboratively toward their shared goal of rescuing victims who have been abducted and trafficked into the world of sexual slavery and forced labor.

According to Lowell Hochhalter, CEO of The LifeGuard Group, “This partnership represents a significant step in our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility. By combining the expertise, passion, and dedication of both groups, we believe we can make a meaningful impact on eradicating this crime that affects us all. The partnership brings together the RIG’s cutting-edge investigative capabilities and the LifeGuard Group’s extensive experience in victim support and advocacy. Together, we will enhance the effectiveness of anti-human trafficking initiatives, streamline information sharing, and improve overall response strategies.”

Mike Marty, CEO of the RIG, added, “The RIG is comprised of the very best of the best former and retired major crime investigators from throughout the United States and Canada.  They are based in cities and towns from coast to coast and border to border and can be deployed either via the network or in-person to lead or assist with investigations involving missing or abducted victims. By partnering with The LifeGuard Group, the RIG greatly expands its reach and capabilities in the fight against those who victimize the most vulnerable among us.”

Hochhalter continued, “We welcome the support of the RIG and are confident that their highly skilled investigative team will contribute significantly to our mission. Together, we can strengthen our efforts to combat human trafficking, rescue victims, and contribute to the creation of a world free from these egregious violations of human dignity.”

The RIG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Reno that has national reach. Donations for the RIG’s work can be made by visiting the Retired Investigators Guild – Pledge page. Donations help fund the RIG’s programs. The organization is currently working hard to create strategic partnerships, staff key positions, build infrastructure, and get off the ground. Donations will go directly to funding this endeavor.

The LifeGuard Group is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that relies one hundred percent on donations to save children and others who are being exploited. Donations can be made by visiting The LifeGuard Group’s donation page.

For The LifeGuard Group: Lowell Hochhalter, CEO

For the RIG: Mike Marty, CEO