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Pioneering a Legacy: Laura Burgess’ Enduring Impact and Insights

By August 23, 2023September 14th, 2023No Comments

Part 3: Charting Tomorrow’s Path: LBM’s Vision and Enduring Legacy

In this final installment of our interview series with Laura Burgess, Founder and President of Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM), we delve into the ever-evolving firearms industry, LBM’s future aspirations, and Laura’s sage advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Ashley Burgess Gall (ABG): Welcome back, Laura. In this closing chapter, let us explore the trends you have witnessed in the firearms industry over the past two decades. Can you share some insights into trends that have come and gone and those that have endured?

Laura Burgess (LB): Thank you, Ashley. The firearms industry has undergone significant shifts over the years. One unmistakable trend was the ascent of the “black gun” or polymer firearms, which has not only become integral to our industry but a part of our cultural fabric. I recall when SHOT Show imposed restrictions on the display of military or law enforcement-style guns. The “Tactical Area” emerged as a response, tucked away at the show’s rear. Yet, it transformed into a bustling hub, reflecting the enduring popularity of black guns. Alongside this, classic wood-stock firearms have also stood the test of time, particularly cherished for their heirloom quality. Another remarkable trend has been the increased presence of women in the industry. Over two decades, I have had the privilege of working with female CEOs and executives, showcasing that women have a strong and welcomed role in our industry’s leadership. As our customer base expands, diversity in leadership is pivotal.

ABG: The industry’s evolution is indeed captivating, Laura. Shifting our focus to the future, what are some of the aspirations you hold for Laura Burgess Marketing?

LB: Our primary aspiration is to maintain our hallmark personal service for clients. As you, Ashley, assume a more prominent role in our business, I anticipate changes driven by new digital communication methods, platforms and the integration of AI. Our commitment to adapting while preserving personalized service remains steadfast. We aim to continue leveraging technology to enhance client experiences and impact. Embracing these advancements will allow us to navigate the ever-changing landscape while upholding the values that have defined LBM.

ABG: Your vision for LBM’s future is both innovative and grounded, Laura. As we conclude, could you offer some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs based on your rich experiences over the last two decades?

LB: Certainly, Ashley. The bedrock of success in this industry, and perhaps in any business, remains networking. Building authentic relationships—being professional, approachable, and trustworthy—is key. Embrace risks and continuous learning; the ability to evolve is essential. Being a “student” of your craft ensures you are prepared for shifts and challenges. Remember, the firearms industry, like any other, welcomes those who contribute, regardless of gender or background. Aspire to be part of the decision-making process and foster an inclusive environment where diverse voices shape the future.

ABG: Profound insights, Laura. Your journey and wisdom are truly inspiring. We want to express our gratitude for sharing your remarkable story and invaluable advice with us.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Laura Burgess for her enlightening perspectives, unwavering commitment, and enduring impact. This interview series has unveiled a trailblazer’s journey and the principles that have shaped Laura Burgess Marketing. As we conclude our conversation, we are inspired by the legacy Laura has created and the lessons that will resonate with future entrepreneurs.

Thank you for joining us on this captivating journey through the evolution of Laura Burgess Marketing and the extraordinary insights of its visionary leader.