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Video Clip Contest: “I AM a Student of the Gun”

Would you like a free set of Revision protective glasses?  Would you like to be on T.V.?  Student of the Gun TV announces a new viewer contest through Facebook.  Go to Facebook and becomes friends with “Paul G. Markel” Host of SOTG.

The next step is to get creative and record your own “I AM a Student of the Gun” video clip.    The clip needs to have 3 elements:  1) Your Name 2) Where you are or what company you work for 3) Look into the camera and say, “I am a student of the gun.”   It’s that easy.    Post your video clip on Facebook with the title “Student of the Gun”.

The top ten most unique and creative submissions will receive Revision Eyewear kits.  The Grand Prize winner will be featured in the opening of our television show in 2012.   Get busy and submit your videos today.