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A Letter from ATN’s CEO: Introducing the Future of Optics with 22 New Smart HD Products

Four years ago, we at ATN decided to head off on a radically different path.  With the ubiquitous inception of mobile devices, we believed it was only a matter of time when the Industry of Sports Optics would be transformed by this mobile revolution. Film cameras have long since gone the way of the dinosaurs, a printed book may be no more than a decoration for one’s office in a few years, and watches no longer serve the same function as they once did.

ATN, historically a Night Vision company, with experience in various digital high-end systems such as Thermal Scopes, understood the need to transform itself.  The goal was to create a modern day Optics company that would be capable of taking full advantage of the new technologies.  We believed that the great Mobile revolution had generated enough direct and indirect technological advancements that could transform our industry as much as it did theirs, and do so at prices that everyone could afford.

To accomplish this task we set about to create a new core called Obsidian that would be the heart and brains of our new product line. A core powered by the latest micro-processors, utilizing multiple environmental sensors (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, etc.), communication options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) and capable of running the latest generation of micro displays. But even more importantly, a core that would be capable of driving a variety of optical sensors (Day, Night, Thermal, etc.).

Of course hardware by itself is no more than chips and dead weight without the right software, and so from the start we began to build a single software environment and UI that would be able to take full advantage of our scopes’ new capabilities. One that would be capable to grow and adapt by way of firmware updates with introduction of new ideas and utilizing customers’ feedback.

Well, after many false starts, frustrations, doubts, sleepless nights and dead ends that were sure to derail the project and the company, I am very proud to say that ATN has made a giant leap forward. Today the first day of SHOT Show 2016, we are excited to introduce our new Smart HD line of products: 22 models that offer Day, Night and Thermal vision with unparalleled performance and price. Not only are we the first company to break the HD resolution barrier in our Day/Night line of scopes, but we are also the first to bring you a Smart Thermal Scope for under $2,000.

We hope you enjoy our new models as much as we enjoyed making them for you.  And I would personally like to thank all the early adopters of our Smart HD series who were so instrumental in making today’s launch such a success.  Without your many suggestions, tests, feedback, constant support and patience it would be difficult to imagine that we could have achieved all this.

marc-vaynThank you,

Marc Vayn, CEO, ATN







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