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According to Survey, the MPA BA Chassis is Rapidly Becoming the Most Popular Chassis among Top 100 PRS Shooters

In 2016, the MPA BA Chassis was the second most popular chassis among the top 100 Precision Rifle Shooters (PRS) and experienced a 900 percent increase in use over the previous year.

Comer, Ga. – (May 2017)MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles, Chassis Systems, Defender Pistols and Carbines, Suppressors and MPAR Rifles, proudly announces that according to a recent survey of the top 100 Precision Rifle Shooters, the MPA BA Chassis is rapidly becoming the chassis of choice among elite precision rifle shooters. MPA was second only to Manners Stocks in popularity among the top 100 shooters. In addition, it was the biggest mover; in 2016, the chassis experienced a 900 percent increase in use over the previous year among the top 100 PRS shooters.

“I chose the MPA BA Chassis because of its adjustability, versatility, and company’s willingness to adapt to shooters needs and suggestions. It’s the most comfortable and reliable stock on the market,” said David Preston, who currently holds the No. 1 spot in the Precision Rifle Series standings.

David Preston, taking a shot from long range with the MPA BA Chassis

David Preston, taking a shot from long range with the MPA BA Chassis

MPA BA Chassis

MPA BA Chassis

The secret to the MPA Chassis’ rising popularity in the precision rifle community is that its rifles and chassis are built by precision rifle shooters, for precision rifle shooters. In fact, MPA’s president, Phil Cashin, is an active PRS shooter. He finished in the top 100 this year and qualified for the finale last year. Cashin is always testing out new ideas and tweaks in the matches he competes in and continues to seek out feedback from other world class shooters. Some of MPA’s best ideas have come directly from the precision shooting community.

MPA BA Competition Chassis

MPA BA Competition Chassis

“We’re always implementing feedback and suggestions from shooters into our products. In fact, the idea for our EVG grip, which has a rest on it to better support your trigger finger, came directly from a suggestion that David Preston, last year’s PRS Champion, gave me at a match. I think that’s why shooters are so passionate about our products, they know we’ve built our rifles and chassis around their needs,” said Cashin.

The MPA BA Competition Chassis is machined on MPA’s CNC Horizontal Machining Centers from 6061 aluminum to exacting tolerances. The MPA designed and produced buttstock is totally adjustable, including length-of-pull, recoil pad with adjustable height and cant and adjustable cheek riser. The MPA BA Competition Chassis offers many of the standard features that have made the MPA BA Chassis system popular with shooters and includes special enhancements specifically designed to provide a competitive advantage when shooting Long Range Precision or Tactical competitions. These features include:

  • Rotating barricade stop – locks rifle in place when shooting on a variety of barricade designed stages.
  • Additional hole locations on the fore-end for locating the rotating barricade stop.
  • Trinity Rail System – used to attach a bipod to chassis much closer to the magwell when shooting off oil drums or similar props providing shooter a rock solid setup. The rail can be added or removed as needed depending upon the stated requirements.
  • Modified magazine well – allows side loading of magazine into chassis – known as the “Ryan Castle” magwell cut.
  • Bag rider attachment for better rear bag recoil management.
  • Reduced weight due to elimination of the monopod system.

To learn more about the MasterPiece Arms BA Competition Chassis visit http://masterpiecearms.com/cat/mpa-bolt-action/mpa-ba-chassis-systems/.

About MasterPiece Arms:

MasterPiece Arms main offices, located in Comer, Georgia, combines quality engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing to design and produce firearms, such as highly successful BA Rifles and Chassis Systems. MasterPiece Arms uses high accuracy CNC machining, turning, barrel making, laser cutting and bending in its manufacturing process controlled by their ISO9002/TS16949 Registered Quality System.

MPA engineers test and retest our weapons to provide customers with one of the most enjoyable guns available. With versatile uses, such as personal and home protection, long range shooting, hunting and tactical interests, MPA products are one of a kind and backed by a lifetime warranty for original owners. Learn more about MasterPiece Arms products at www.masterpiecearms.com or call 866.803.0000.

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