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The American Gunsmithing Institute introduces a new DVD on How-To Rebarrel & Blueprint Military Bolt Action Rifles, hosted by Professional Gunsmith Ken Brooks. The viewer will receive invaluable information on how to rebarrel and tune (i.e. blueprint) a Mauser Military Bolt Action Rifle. The techniques shown in this DVD are also applicable to most military bolt action rifles.

Viewers will learn:

  • How to remove the old barrel, fit firing pin tips, and repair oversized firing pin holes for higher pressure calibers
  • Squaring and truing the action
  • Lapping the lugs
  • Bolt stop modifications for a smoother action
  • How to open up magazines for .30/06 length cartridges
  • How to fit a pre-threaded (short chambered) barrel
  • Installing shoulders to prevent bullet nose damage
  • Converting from standard cartridges to Magnum
  • Opening the bolt face and fitting the rails
  • Discussion of action heat-treating
  • Improving the safety of the action

This course is applicable to Mauser 91, 92, 93, 94, 96 & 98s, Enfield 1914/17, Springfield ‘03s, Arisakas and more! The AGI How-To Rebarrel & Blueprint Military Bolt Action Rifles is available at for only $79.95 (Product ID# 328DVD).

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