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American Gunsmithing Institute’s Second Deal of the Week!

For the next few weeks we will be offering a new and exciting Deal of the Week. Each week we will feature a bestselling AGI product with special bonuses, all at a great price!

Today’s Deal of the Week is all about the 1911 Pistol! This week we have a bundle of five courses on the 1911 pistol. Click here to see this week’s Deal of the Week clip.

The first course is Building the Ultimate 1911 .45 Auto Pistol. In this video AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey. This DVD is over 11 hours in length and is divided into three volumes. Volume One shows you how to build the ultimate carry-gun! Volume Two covers “Building the Race ready Kit” and Volume Three covers building a high-capacity “wide-body” competition 1911 pistol for carry or competition! This three-volume series is the most comprehensive course ever produced on building and modifying the 1911 pistol! Everything is covered in complete detail and it took over two years of research and development!

The second DVD, Troubleshooting 1911 Style Auto Pistols, is another course by Gene Shuey. In this video, Gene shows us how to make our 1911 pistol more reliable. Gene uses cutaway guns to simulate and show what specific types of jams and malfunctions look like, what causes them, and how to correct or avoid these problems. The topics are organized into a systematic “problem Index” with each covered in detail. This a course that you can’t do without if you own or work on 1911 pistols!

The updated Armorer’s Course for the Colt 1911 Style Auto Pistols is the third course in this week’s bundle. AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap covers design, function, and repair of the 1911. If you know how it works, you can fix it! Bob will show you how to disassemble the gun, clean all the parts and then reassemble your 1911 Auto Pistol.

The fourth DVD in this bundle is Gene Shuey’s In The Classroom: The Ultimate 1911 Trigger Job. In this video, Gene will show you how to safely do a trigger job on the 1911. This video took place in a classroom setting in Mr. Shuey’s actual Gunsmithing shop.

The fifth and final video in this week’s DVD bundle is the Disassembly/Reassembly of the Colt 1911 .45 Auto Pistol. Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Ken Brooks meticulously disassembles and then reassemble the 1911, right down to the last part. Ken also shows you several variations of the 1911, like the Series 70 and the Series 80 pistols, as well as a Kimber style firing pin blocking safety.

That’s not all that is contained in this week’s deal! You will also receive a steel pin punch set, a Wheeler bench block, and a ProMag vise block specifically designed for the 1911 pistol! You will get all five DVD Courses as well as the three free bonuses for just $379 and the shipping is free! Call us toll-free at 1-800-797-0867 and become an expert armorer of the 1911 Auto Pistol!

This offer ends Sunday, 11/18/12 at 11:59AM. Shop the Deal of the Week here or call 1-800-797-0867 today!

*Promotion may not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Promotion subject to change, while supplies last. Offer not valid on previous sales. Offer expires 11/18/12. 

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