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Few clothing products are truly rugged and could also save your life. The Blackhawk! I.T.S. pants does just that. I received them and immediately started inspecting them and checking them out. If you have never heard of this type of apparel, it is a line offered exclusively from Blackhawk!.  They are extremely strong, well made clothing (Blackhawk! makes I.T.S. tops as well). The I.T.S stands for integrated tourniquet system.

This system would suit people who are out camping, are in combat, or who may face dangers while out in the field. They are made of heavyweight cloth, that I have yet to see tear. To deploy the tourniquet, you pull back Velcro and snap button enclosures and pull out the strap inside. These can be reused. They are located just below the front pocket and down towards the ankle.

By now, you can see that these are awesome pants for those who frequent the outdoors. These are important for those who spend time afield because medical care may not be readily available. These pants also feature an adjustable waistband, extra wide belt loops to fit a riggers belt and knee pad pockets. This system has also won an award of innovation from “Uniforms and Body Armor.” They are available in black, tan, olive drab and desert digital. The MSRP on these is $159.99, but can be found from dealers at around $60.

Also, I received an email response from Blackhawk regarding their Trade-up Program. The trade up program is a way to save money and get awesome trousers. What you do is, find the pants you want on Blackhawk’s website, go to the downloads section and download the trade-up program sheet. Fill out the form and send it to Blackhawk. Included in the shipment to Blackhawk should be any non-Blackhawk pants nor can they be blue jeans. Your purchase of the pants you selected will be discounted by 50% and shipping back to you is free.