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Bodi.Me Introduces Revolutionary Sustainable Fashion Fit Technology to the U.S. Uniform Industry

Winner of the 2024 NAUMD Innovation Award for Fashion Fit Technology, Bodi.Me brings innovative sizing solutions to the American Market.

London, United Kingdom (June 2024)Bodi.Me, a leader in innovative Sustainable Fashion Fit Technology, is excited to announce its expansion into the U.S. market. This strategic move follows the company’s recent accolade at the 2024 NAUMD Convention and Exposition held in Daytona Beach, FL, where Bodi.Me was honored with the NAUMD Innovation Award in the Digital Service category for its Fashion Fit Technology. The award celebrates Bodi.Me’s collaboration with Incorporatewear and Mark and Spencer (M&S), showcasing their transformative approach to the inclusive uniform industry. Bodi.Me has been a pioneer in clothing size and fit optimization with a focus on workwear and uniforms in Europe and is set to bring its innovative technology to American companies, reducing returns, optimizing stock levels, and helping businesses focus production on the sizes that sell.

Since its inception in 2013 by Lara Mazzoni and partners, Bodi.Me has been at the forefront of solving the garment industry’s fit problem through advanced technology and sustainable practices. Its flagship product, Size-Me, leverages AI and proprietary algorithms to provide precise fit recommendations from a few simple measurements, significantly reducing return rates by up to 80 percent and optimizing inventory. The Size-Me tool integrates seamlessly with customer systems, using AI and machine learning to provide instant, personalized size recommendations. This technology has earned numerous accolades in Europe, including the Best Business Leader in Digital Transformation 2023 (Business Awards UK) and the Best Application of Innovative Technology (PCIAW® Awards 2022).

At the recent NAUMD Convention and Exposition, Bodi.Me’s collaboration with Incorporatewear and M&S was recognized for its innovative integration of design, technology, and business processes to address key challenges in the retail industry, particularly in the realm of uniform provision. By leveraging technology to provide personalized fit recommendations, the collaboration has transformed the uniform selection process, ensuring that each M&S employee receives a garment that not only fits well but also aligns with their individual preferences and values. The significant reduction in return rates further demonstrates the effectiveness of the solution. Moreover, the positive environmental impact of the innovation cannot be overlooked. By reducing unnecessary waste and carbon emissions associated with returns, the technology contributes to M&S’s sustainability goals and reinforces its commitment to environmental stewardship.

Bodi.Me’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with current industry needs. The fashion industry is under immense pressure to reduce its environmental footprint, with a significant portion of unused uniforms ending up in landfills. By ensuring accurate sizing from the outset, Bodi.Me’s technology helps prevent overproduction and minimize waste. Bodi.Me customers have seen over 80 percent reduction* in return rates due to Size-Me’s precise fit recommendations, as well as a 50:1 minimum ROI. For every $2 invested, businesses have saved $128, demonstrating significant cost efficiency. To date, Bodi.Me has successfully sized and delivered nearly a million garments to 100,000 wearers.

The global uniforms and workwear market, valued at $79,640 million in 2020, is expected to grow to $104,560 million by 2027. Bodi.Me’s entry into the U.S. market is poised to make a substantial impact, offering innovative solutions to enhance uniform provision across various sectors. This marks a significant milestone in Bodi.Me’s mission to revolutionize the uniform and workwear industry.

Size-Me is an award-winning, ready-to-deploy size recommendation solution that not only seamlessly aligns with sustainability and inclusivity principles, but also offers a highly customizable framework for clients, allowing them to achieve their individual business and sustainability goals. Find out more about Bodi.Me and Size-ME at

To learn more about Bodi.Me, visit or read about its customers’ successes here. Fill out a form to arrange a demo of the Size-Me solution. Follow Bodi.Me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

* Fashion ecommerce industry average for consumer returns = 45% | Industry average for workwear returns = 12%

Size-Me and Bodi.ME Awards:
– Innovation Award, Digital Services Category, Fashion Fit Technology Program – NAUMD 2024
– Winner of the Transformative Technology, PCIAW® Awards 2023
– Winner Best Business Leader in Digital Transformation 2023 – Business Awards UK
– Winner of the Best Application of Innovative Technology, PCIAW Awards 2022
– Selected as top 99 London Tech Startups 2022 -Best Startup Magazine
– Best IT Innovation, PCIAW Awards 2021
– Best Newcomer, PCIAW Awards 2021

About Bodi.Me:

Bodi.Me is a UK-based SaaS company founded in 2013 by Lara Mazzoni and partners. In 2014 launched the first Size and Fit recommendation software, with the mission to help solve the garment industry’s fit problem and promote better sustainability within the industry. Helping wearers select the best fit through fast and accurate size recommendation tools can reduce returns, optimize stock levels, and help businesses focus production on the sizes that sell.

Bodi.Me has been a pioneer in clothing size and fit optimization since 2014 with a (but not exclusive) focus on workwear and uniforms.

Bodi.Me’s Size-Me tool integrates with customer systems and matches wearers to the right size garment from the customer’s range via Bodi.Me’s AI and proprietary technology. From just a handful of basic measurements, Size-Me extrapolates a complete body profile to provide instant size recommendations personalized to each wearer. Size-Me is uniquely customizable and adapts to each customer’s needs.