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Chris Shugart Joins the American Technologies Network Team

Chris Shugart, Marketing and Advertising Manager, ATN

American Technologies Network welcomes Chris Shugart aboard as ATN’s new Marketing and Advertising Manager. Shugart, after studying Graphic Arts and Film at UCLA, began his business communications career in the music industry. Shugart’s interests in promotion and writing with a result in winning the public’s attention eventually led him to develop out-of-the-box marketing skills. He has since developed an impressive resume of marketing experience in a variety of industries before landing in the shooting sports, law enforcement and military markets.

Shugart previously owned and operated an advertising agency providing clients with full-service, in-house capabilities. As an entrepreneur, Shugart also teamed up with his father, Al Shugart, founder and CEO of Seagate Technology to establish and promote Carmel Bay Publishing.

It was during this period that Shugart also dabbled in political marketing including creating campaign materials and website design. Shugart’s early experience in the political arena led him to start a radio show, Uncommon Sense, the basis of the show helped found the American Association of Independent Voters, a non-profit political action organization.

Since the radio show ended in 2004, Shugart has continued to develop his marketing skills and share his expertise with a multitude of companies in various industries.

Chris brings an extensive set of talents and skills to any project, with a solid background in a variety of mediums and venues. He also has a diverse knowledge of products and services, covering a wide range of industries serving both the consumer and the business sector.

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