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Contour Design Creates “The Ultimate Workstation” with the Release of the Balance Keyboard

By November 12, 2015No Comments

Balance Keyboard web

Contour Design, Inc., a global leader in the research and design of ergonomic computer accessories, is proud to announce the Balance Keyboard. When used in combination with the RollerMouse Red and ArmSupport Red, the Balance Keyboard creates “The Ultimate Workstation.”

Due to high customer demand for a keyboard that worked seamlessly and comfortably with the RollerMouse Red, Contour Design’s research and development team created a sleek, durable design with a straight edge that hugs RollerMouse Red. When also using ArmSupport Red, this set-up provides optimal positioning and comfort while completely supporting the user’s forearms and shoulders. A function key lock allows toggling back and forth simply with limited movement. Balance Keyboard will also work perfectly with RollerMouse Free2.

Amsupport Red + keyboard web

The Ultimate Workstation maximizes work productivity, by keeping hands close to the keyboard in the optimal work zone. It also reduces risk of injury by eliminating stress on the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. RollerMouse Red, placed in front of the Balance Keyboard, performs all the tasks of a traditional mouse and eliminates the need to reach and grip the mouse. RollerMouse Red allows for fewer clicks than a traditional mouse and its convenient, central location makes for an easier transition from keyboard to mouse, allowing the user to maintain focus without missing a step. When using ArmSupport Red in conjunction with RollerMouse Red, additional support is provided to the upper body making it an ideal combination for height-adjustable workstations. As a complete workstation, Balance Keyboard, RollerMouse Red and ArmSupport Red, take productivity to a whole new, comfortable level.

The Ultimate Workstation’s Balance Keyboard will be launched at the National Ergonomics Conference and Expo (ErgoExpo) Nov. 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Balance Keyboard is a 2015 Attendee’s Choice Award nominee at this year’s ErgoExpo. Previously, RollerMouse Red received this award for Best New Product in 2012, as did RollerMouse Free2 in 2010 and the RollerMouse Free in 2008.

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